Jumper - Navy at Topshop/ Jeans - Gap / Shoes - New Look

I always thought I was a 28inch leg...Topshop Petite jeans would always fit pretty well, although the 'ankle grazer' style never truly grazed my ankles. But on my hunt for a pair of non-skinny jeans, I found that even petite concessions couldn't deliver. Miss Selfridge versions were near on trailing the floor and Urban Outfitters 28" were actually over 35", I measured. M&S got close, until I learnt that they don't do a petite jean in anything smaller than a size 10 waist...not ideal. 

I went into a few Gap stores after hearing that they stocked petite sizes, but alas, my bad luck continued as they didn't have the styles I wanted in petite. Then I went online and saw that they did a 27" leg (HALLELUJAH) and the fact that these were meant to be slightly cropped meant that my 26" inseam (yes, you read that correctly) would finally have the pleasure of wearing some straight leg jeans. 

These are definitely my lazy-day, cant-be-bothered, run-around-work pair of jeans but I'm starting to experiment with dressing them up slightly too and loving how they look! 

Does anybody else love straight leg jeans at the moment? How are you styling them?


I'm not quite ready for Winter. Don't get me wrong, there's something romantic about darker nights and a crisp chill in the air, but now that it has got to the point that I'm actually enjoying being squashed into my morning train because the body heat of strangers is my only source of warmth...something's just gotta give.

I'm not one for a chunky-knit jumper so thick it adds 20 stone and 4 arm bulges, so when I saw this one in H&M; a thick yet non-weight gaining material in a beautiful nude colourway, I knew it had to be mine. It's actually so warm, is the perfect length for jeans or to wear with a skirt, and looks wayyyy more expensive than it actually was.

Well done H&M, you've done it again. Apart from saving me from the sudden emergence of Winter, but we can work on that... 


It has genuinely been my dream to own a Mulberry bag since I can remember. A slightly superficial dream, I admit, but one that I'm sure many can relate to. To me, a Mulberry bag has always been a statement - a gorgeous looking, gorgeous smelling statement that will last me until I'm old and grey. 

It has always been the Bayswater on my want-list; it's a classic. But I also wanted a bit of a twist on it, and this embossed croc was the perfect edge I wanted. 

I was lucky enough to be treated to this baby for my birthday a few weeks ago, and I'm still in shock/disbelief that I own it I look at it with the heart-faced emoji eyes everyday, and have even had a few cuddles with it - yeh, weird. 

I actually got this from Bicester Village in Oxfordshire which saved us a few hundred pound on the bag which is absolutely incredible. I definitely recommend going there if you're looking to invest in something high-end as you can save a lot of money and they still have very current styles, unlike what some people may think. 

Does anyone else have a Mulberry bag or one that you cherish as much as this?


Shirt - Zara / Culottes - Zara / Bag - Zara / Shoes - Clarks

It's official. I don't know how to be a blogger. 'Can you quickly take a photo of my outfit?' turns into 10 minutes of laughing, goofing around and getting 100 photos, of which 4 are actually usable. I can't deal with people looking at me whilst i'm posing on the streets of London, either thinking I'm a weirdo or a wannabe celeb (to be fair, neither are far from the truth). But taking these photos gave me a lot of respect for the bloggers out there that get the most perfect shots in the middle of Oxford Circus. Bravo, either you know your angles, your photographer is 10/10 or ... you just don't care! 

Zara are killing it right now with their latest collection. I love these trousers for day or night, as they are super easy to dress up but paired with some trainers and a slouchy tee, can look so cool! I grabbed them in Lisbon but I'm sure they'll be in the UK stores too! Paired with my ancient Zara bag that will I will never get tired of, and this beautiful sheer Zara shirt, this outfit got me through meetings in London and drinks in various bars. 

Is anybody else loving Zara right now?