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'What to wear on a city break' is probably one of my most searched queries when it comes to lacking fashion inspo. It's always so hard to predict the weather, how dressy the scene is, how comfortable your shoes need to be and unfortunately even Ryan Air isn't up to scratch with cheap luggage nowadays, meaning the 'lightly' in packing lightly has never been more prevalent.

I went to Roma for a few nights with my friend and feel like these outfits served me well, day and night. Some basics paired with some fashion-lead pieces meant I was never out of a combo and always had a fallback for if my plans changed or the weather failed me.

To speak more of Rome - the Trastevere was definitely my favourite area. Spilling with bars and all of the gorgeous Italian food, we found ourselves heading back there on repeat. If we were to go again, I would definitely want to stay nearer there so our head back to the hotel at 3am wasn't quite so treacherous. If you were to go to one place there, I'd recommend 'Coffee Pot' - a very Instagram worthy cafe/bar that resulted in us dancing 3.8 miles that night (my step counter told me so)

We also loved the Spanish Steps and the surrounding area. On every street there was a gorgeous shop to explore or Ice Cream parlour to fuel our gluttonous needs. There was also a Sephora there... do I need to say more?

You can shop my wardrobe below. Any items I couldn't find, I have linked alternatives.

I'd love to know what your staples are for a city break and if you've ever been to Rome!

My obsession with monogramming is still going strong. Phone cases, jewellery, notebooks - it seems I can't get enough of personalisation. Letter's have always been something that people like to make personal, whether it's with letterheads or the seals on envelopes, it always added a nice extra touch. 

Recently, I moved house, and thought about how lovely it would be to be able to send gorgeous invites for my housewarming rather than just a Whatsapp saying - 'hey, come round'.  Basic Invite offer lots of different invitations, cards and stationary - all with the options of personalisation. There are almost unlimited colours for the designs, over 40 envelope colours and they can do gorgeous foils - so you can pretty much design your invites however you like. 

I went for a simple design, choosing my own colours and fonts so that my invite looked exactly how I wanted. I was really impressed with the quality - the card is thick and the perfect size for my invitations. The website also offers an Address Capturing Service, so can request addresses from your social media contacts - great for someone like me who can only ever remember my home address. 

I think it's still so lovely to receive a handwritten letter, card or invitation, and for anyone that's similar, I really do recommend checking out Basic Invite :) 

They currently have 15% off with the code 15FF1

*This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own 

It never gets old - the moment when someone walks past and you catch a smell of their perfume (providing it's a lovely one of course). It can make the average person instantly more attractive, and can often make you wonder 'what the hell are they wearing?!'

I always have so much pride in reeling off the usual suspects - Chanel, Versace (Crystal Noir-I love you), Dior, Acqua Di Parma. But I've come to realise that they're just names, and whilst I love the scents, I can no longer justify spending £50 for 30ml of perfume (that's a semi-kind example). Of course, if I will always cherish my favourites and repurchase them from time to time - wearing them on special occasions and savouring every last drop, but my day-to-day smells have gone high-street; and a pretty life-changing move it's turned out to be.

Not only have I learned that high-street perfumes usually come in both travel and full sizes (my make-up bag thanks you greatly), but they pack a punch just like their expensive counterparts. Some last longer than others, of course, but isn't that always the case?

My current favourites are:

Zara - Luminous Flowers 
(daytime floral but not too sweet)

&Other Stories - Sardonyx Fire
 (a deeper, musky smell)

Primark - Rose Oud 
(a really nice combination of both musk and sweet scents)

My &Other Stories one lasts all day - it's actually incredible. So does my Primark one for that matter - meaning not only am I saving money on face value, but also less re-spritzing means a much longer perfume life!! The Zara one is a bit less long-wearing, but I feel that this is partly down to it not being a particularly strong scent to begin with. 

They also all look beautiful-bonus! Because let's be honest, we don't want it if it's not going to compliment your vanity or colour co-ordinated shelves. 

Oh, and I'm still getting people ask 'what perfume are you wearing?' - 

Satisfication 10/10.

I love a subscription box. I feel like you almost forget that you've paid for that little box of happiness, and you get a little present every month. Some surprise you, offering new products to sample and discover, but this one is different. This one you can count on. 

Friction Free Shaving is a monthly subscription box that completely takes the hassle out of your shaving routine. I bet we've all had those moments where you look at your old/rusty razor and think 'Yup, I need a new one'...but you just keep using it. Then you blame your body for rashes and bumps and enter a 'woe is me' where you begin thinking if you'll ever shave again...

...No? Just me? 

Well FFS solves all of these problems. In each box you get four razor heads, one for every week. Rashes and bumps come from old blades that have a build up of bacteria (oh yes, sexy talk)...and to get those polished pins, you need your razor super sharp and clean.

There are two options for your box, a three head razor for £5 a month and a five head razor for £8. You can also add a shaving cream to your order which smells absolutely divine (it's all coconuty and exotic) and gives you a really close shave due to no overbearing foaming.

It's mind blowing how this box is delivered to your door and yet you're still saving money. Disposable razors can be just as expensive and no-where near as luxurious, and one razor head in a well known brand can also exceed this price. 

I was so impressed with the razor itself. Mine is the Samantha, and gave me incredibly close shaves, no irritation and it looked really pretty (sorry, but this alwayyyys matters). 

I honestly can't believe this idea hasn't been done sooner as it is GENUIS! And I would seriously consider this a summer necessity, if not a life-time one. 

Has anybody else tried this? What do you think??