I love a subscription box. I feel like you almost forget that you've paid for that little box of happiness, and you get a little present every month. Some surprise you, offering new products to sample and discover, but this one is different. This one you can count on. 

Friction Free Shaving is a monthly subscription box that completely takes the hassle out of your shaving routine. I bet we've all had those moments where you look at your old/rusty razor and think 'Yup, I need a new one'...but you just keep using it. Then you blame your body for rashes and bumps and enter a 'woe is me' where you begin thinking if you'll ever shave again...

...No? Just me? 

Well FFS solves all of these problems. In each box you get four razor heads, one for every week. Rashes and bumps come from old blades that have a build up of bacteria (oh yes, sexy talk)...and to get those polished pins, you need your razor super sharp and clean.

There are two options for your box, a three head razor for £5 a month and a five head razor for £8. You can also add a shaving cream to your order which smells absolutely divine (it's all coconuty and exotic) and gives you a really close shave due to no overbearing foaming.

It's mind blowing how this box is delivered to your door and yet you're still saving money. Disposable razors can be just as expensive and no-where near as luxurious, and one razor head in a well known brand can also exceed this price. 

I was so impressed with the razor itself. Mine is the Samantha, and gave me incredibly close shaves, no irritation and it looked really pretty (sorry, but this alwayyyys matters). 

I honestly can't believe this idea hasn't been done sooner as it is GENUIS! And I would seriously consider this a summer necessity, if not a life-time one. 

Has anybody else tried this? What do you think?? 


Blouse - H&M / Skirt - Oasis / Shoes - ASOS

This is a powerful blouse. Like leopard print can make you feel a little foxy (I'm regretting that choice of word already), this blouse makes me feel like pure sass. The ruffles bounce and shimmy with every step and I'm instantly transformed into Beyonce wearing that yellow dress, smashing up cars with a baseball bat. (No cars were damaged in the wearing of the blouse, however).

It's one of those pieces that, even when thrown together with a pair of jeans in 5 minute attempt to get ready, looks effortlessly stylist. And teamed with a printed bottom...well...you'll have a 'Fashion Week' worthy outfit in an instant! 

I have to say, I'm not surprised Barry M have jumped on the lip-kit bandwagon. After the success of Kylie's, there was a definite demand for a drugstore brand to offer a version of, and Barry M have delivered with three colours. 

I had no idea about the launch of their lip-kits until I walked into Superdrug and saw them on the display stand. With no expectations, I decided to buy the light pink kit. Risky? Perhaps, considering the last few liquid lipsticks I've tried have been a disaster; New Look's are super drying and for some reason the NYX Lip Lingerie cracks on me after a lengthy 5 minutes. 

First off I tried the lip liner; super pigmented, super creamy. Actually, everything about this was beautiful. It's a pinky-brown nude, slightly dark to give your lips some definition and to contrast with the lighter-coloured liquid lipstick.  It lasted for a good few hours, even through eating and drinking, and applied as an all over colour makes for a beautiful look.

Then it was time to try the main product! I applied the liquid lipstick and was astounded at how light it was in comparison to the liquid lipstick! But as soon as I blended it, the colour was beautiful and seemed to look a little darker. The texture is incredibly creamy and best of all, no cracks!! For a lighter shade, this really impressed me and has stayed in my handbag now for a good week! 

Has anyone else tried the new Barry M Lip Kits? Have you seen any other brands offer something similar?

My New Years Resolution is to get into yoga. I don't just mean to take a little bit of time each day to practise, I mean full on, handstand, leg behind head, 'how the hell did she get herself in that position' Yogi Bear. 

It's February and so far I think I've done two yoga sessions. Why? Because I don't make enough time for me. Whether it's work, making time to see all my friends, drinks with work colleagues, life admin or feeling like there are things I HAVE to do, I have barely had a moment to sit, breathe and think, 'what do I want to do today?'

Don't get me wrong, I love keeping busy and being social, but I think I've also forgotten what it's like to say no. No-one can do everything, it's impossible and it is exhausting trying to, and sometimes I think we need to be a little selfish and say 'do I really want to do this tonight?'. If I'm honest, I think in the last few weeks my answer would probably be 'no, I want to watch Silent Witness with a cup of tea...in bed'. 

So when ROOI reached out to me about working on a post together, I thought it could be the perfect opportunity to start the process of making more time for me. They are a lovely online store with incredible homewares such as candles and stationary and stock a variety of brands such as ban.do ... who made this fabulous yoga mat (although damn you for always making me want pizza). 

They also sent me this incredible candle from Paddywax. There's nothing I love more than lighting a candle and having a beautiful scent fill my room...it really helps me relax and gives me that cosy feeling...especially in these Winter months. I have no idea how to describe scents, so I'm not going to try, but this does smell beautiful, fills my room quickly and looks gorgeous on my shelf.

The yoga mat is incredibly thick, doesn't slide all over the place and just makes me smile every time I roll it out...pretty perfect if you ask me. So instead of two sessions a month, I'm hoping I can make time for two a week now...watch this space, you'll see me balancing on my head in no time.

Do you make enough time for you? How do you find the time to do what you want?