London Fashion Week #1

Shirt - Asos / Jumper - Missguided / Jeans - Topshop / Boots - Asos / Bag - H&M
Over London Fashion Week, I interned with Fashion Beauty Monitor for the second time at their Beauty Lounge. Whilst I wasn't at Somerset House or directly linked to the main event, I spent my time with a lot of key press in the Mayfair Hotel and definitely felt the pressure to look my best!
I saw a girl a couple months back with an embellished collar and absolutely fell in love. Since then I've tried to find the perfect shirt but none would suffice. The H&M one's wouldn't fit properly, to the point that even 3 sizes above my norm, it was still gaping at the chest. The Topshop embellishments, whilst gorgeous, have a tendency to be quite tempremental so I also wanted to avoid those. I then saw a few on Asos and ordered a shirt in their petite rang. The material was chiffon-like in nature and
whilst I love shirts of that style, I really wanted one that was thicker.
I then ordered this one in an 8 and they delivered it in a 6. It wasn't meant to be, I thought, giving up on the idea altogether. But it kept catching my eye (literally, with that twinkly collar), so I thought...second time lucky (not the usual turn of phrase, but it worked).
This Missguided Jumper is also my wardrobe saviour at the moment. It looks great over shirts, with high-waisted skirts or even over dresses. Plus, it's super warm!
Who else is loving embellishment at the moment?


My H&M Bucket Bag

Bag - H&M 

As soon as I saw this bag come on to the H&M website, I had to have it. I eagerly waited for my package to be delivered, to discover on arrival that it was, in fact, a shoulder bag. 

A bucket, shoulder bag. 

I have nothing against shoulder bags mind. I think tote bags can look often great and sophisticated when they are worn as shoulder bags. But this bag? No. 

So, with no textiles skills and the experience of sewing a mere four buttons on to a shirt, I decided to embark on my challenge: making the strap shorter. 

I unpicked the strap for about twenty minutes before then realising that I had no idea what I was then going to do with it. The gold hooks either side meant I had to loop it through, but if I trimmed down the actual strap the stitching detail would come lose. 

Instead, I just pulled it through tighter and sewed. Now each side is uneven, and half my strap is doubled. You can't notice though right? (Please just agree). 

But even though this is the case, I'm in love with this bag. I don't think you can really notice the strap when I wear it on my arm (Yes, that's my arm H&M), and the structured look is just what I wanted. I also love the drawstring detail as it makes it that little bit different!

What do you think?



The Nude Edition - M&S Lip Products

Nude lips have always been on trend. Theres something about that 'your lips but better' look that is perfect for the ultimate natural make-up. But with the introduction of lip liner (thanks Kylie Jenner) being the ultimate accessory, nude is now better than ever. It's perfect for day, and it's plumping and long-lasting for night. And after collecting over 10 shades, liner or lipstick, I have to admit that M&S products have been my favourite. (And no, this is not a sponsored post)

I love a pinky nude. When I'm not constantly sporting a tan, I find having my lips too brown can really wash me out. This is perfect for a subtle day look; it's not too pink so still looks very natural and the finish is just perfect.

The product glides on really well. It's almost like a balm but is so heavily pigmented, you barely have to use any before you have enough product on your lips. The finish is matt with a slight sheen which I love as I hate the shiny lip thing. It's also perfect for this time of year as it's so moisturising, meaning the horrible Northern wind isn't getting the best of me.

This lip pencil is slightly more pink in real life but I couldn't get it to show in my pictures. It's a simple liner but it's better than most others I've tried. The Collection 2000 ones don't apply very easily and my Gosh one is amazing, but I constantly feel I have to sharpen it. This has a very similar feel to the GOSH Velvet Touch liner, it applies easily and silky yet creates the perfect matte finish (but it doesn't run out so quick). 

The colour is amazing. It's the perfect combination between brown and pink, creating a darker lip look that again, is perfect day or night. At only four pound, you can't go wrong.

Again this shade is slightly more pink in reality, so apologies. 

As you can see from the swatch, this liner is a lot creamier than the Limited Collection Lip Liners. If anything, it's a little bit too creamy for a liner as it makes it difficult to apply even colour. Luckily the brush fixes this. It was the brush that won be over really as I always think lip product look better applied with a brush. 

The colour is a real combination between Pink Parfait and Loganberry. It's also the closest colour to my natural shade so creates a perfect base for any product I want to use over it. 

Who else is loving nude lips at the moment? 
It's rare that I do a beauty post so let me know if you'd like to see more of them! 


Joules Home

*Sponsored Post

All items are available to buy here: LINK 
I love how fashionable homewares has become. I'm constantly scrolling through instagram, jealous of somebody's candle tray, bed linen or mini-bunting. All these gorgeous white spaces decorated perfectly with metals, prints and splashes of colours ... *goes off into a daydream*. And buying new homey things makes me as happy as buying new clothes. I love the feeling of waking up in a room that I love, or eating my meal off a cute plate. I know...a plate is a plate. But it really can make all the difference. 

I've always loved Joules as a brand their gorgeous prints have always drawn me in. I've never even thought to look at the homewares until now though and I'm so glad I have finally discovered them!

Their kitchen items are definitely my favourite. There are gorgeous tea sets, tea towels, cake tins...oh the list is endless. I have to admit, this cow apron is my absolute favourite. It's so fun and bold and there's also a matching mug and plate!

The bedding is also gorgeous and there's a real vintage feel to the pieces. Their bedroom images are certainly giving me inspiration for my future house (which is years off but you know...it's never bad to plan ahead).

Has anybody else shopped Joules home before? What pieces are you loving?