Fashion fades, style is eternal, - Yves Saint Laurent.

In celebration of the opening of Yves Saint Laurent: Style is Eternal exhibition, Farfetch have asked fashion bloggers to put together a set or wish list around the iconic Saint Laurent Le Smoking Tuxedo jacket.

The exhibition will be presenting a comprehensive display of the French fashion designer’s work.
 It will present fifty items, including some iconic pieces from the Russian Collection and the Tuxedo.

To keep the theme of 'eternal' style, I wanted to keep my pieces really classic and transferable to any season. My three themes are:
1. Monochrome
2. Minimalist
3. Individual 

I love the YSL Smoking Jacket, and wanted to style this piece for an evening look. I'd personally wear the jacket loosely over the shoulders to make the look a little less tailored and show more detailing of the gorgeous collar dress. Shirt dresses are really in this season, and I liked how this piece is keeping that trend as well as rocking some embellishment. It could be worn summer (with some sandals and a crossbody) or winter (with tights and some boots) - a perfect eternal dress. I didn't want the outfit to look too smart, so paired it with the Classic Paris Ankle Boots to grunge it up a little whilst keeping that femininity.

The Sac De Jour is a staple for any woman, and I love this crocodile embossed version, perfect for SS16. I've always preferred tote bags to any other style as you can just fit so much in them; medical might-needs, 5 types of lipbalm, vouchers for that 'just in case' moment - a bigger bag is definitely my wardrobe essential.

And lastly, I added the Monogram ring, to really show off the YSL brand and add a little bit of shine to the overall look. 

What do you think of the look I've created? Would you want to go to the Yves Saint Laurent: Style is Eternal exhibition? 


Top - Zara / Jeans - Topshop / Belt - H&M / Watch - JORD

As promised, here is a blog post of me styling my JORD Wood Watch. I know, I know, where's the white top & blue jeans combo? To be honest, I just really wanted to show off this top and it looked silly with my blue jeans for a reason I still can't understand (you know those items that just don't...go). Maybe its the rips, or the fit of the jean, but I looked weird. Need I say more.

I like this watch with a simple outfit such as this and I think the rose gold really stands out against a monochrome look. I'm still figuring out what rings I can wear with this. Does anybody else think the silver looks a little bit odd? Maybe nothing's looking right in my head today!

What do you think about how the Wood Watch looks? Let me know your thoughts!

*JORD sent me this watch for review purposes. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Viking are on a mission to make people smile and bring happiness - a campaign that I couldn't help wanting to be a part of.
Viking previously ran a campaign for World Happiness Day, creating a printer that prints out cheerful pictures and messages (how cute!?). Now, they are creating these #EmergencyHappiness packages filled with little gifts to bring a smile to your face. Because let's face it, we all have those days where life just gets the better of us and we need a little pick me up, be it a nice message from someone, some comfort food (nachos anyone?) or some trashy show so you can focus on someone else's problems for 45 minutes (Oh I know i'm not the only one that does that!)

The idea behind this box is to show how easy it is to spread a little happiness. Included is:
- A wooden chest packed with tea and biscuits - perfect for that treasured tea break.
- Your lucky bag. This has a lucky penny, eternal happiness dust to remind you that every cloud has a silver lining and a Lotto Hotpicks tickets - because what could bring a smile to your face more than winning tons of lovely dosh! 
- Two bee-shaped seed papers to spread natural happiness.
-A pack of pencils and stamp kit - perfect for writing letters and reminding your loved ones how much you care.
-Post-it notes to leave happy messages or thoughts around your house.
- A balloon to lift you up when you are down (Viking has full ownership of that pun, unfortunately).
-Sweets (does that need an explanation?)

And best of all, located at the bottom of your #EmergencyHappiness package is bubble wrap. I'm saving that for a rainy day!

If you tweet @Viking-Chat using the hashtag #EmergencyHappiness, and tell them why you deserve a box, you could have a chance of winning your very own! You can also find out more information about the campaign HERE. So get tweeting, and share some happiness! :) 

*This product was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

A watch made of wood. Now that in itself, is pretty damn impressive.

JORD contacted me a few weeks ago asking if i'd like to review one of their watches. I had heard of the company only a few days prior to this, as I had come across a blogger at work who had too been sent a watch to review. I think the whole concept is brilliant, but as far as fashionable is concerned, I was yet to be persuaded.

The lovely team asked which watch I would choose if I could, and to be honest, I struggled a little. Some were very bulky and some of the colours I felt would just blend with my paleness. But there was a couple that were really unique, and this rose gold one just called out to me. The size looked perfect and I loved the darker wood and how it contrasted with the watch face.

There was the same series watch but with a turquoise face which is also stunning, and I'd totally recommend checking out their site HERE.

Upon receiving the item, I was surprised with how much I actually loved it. Even the box was exciting! The watch itself has crystal markers which look beautiful when the light catches them and gives the watch a classy look. I also love the metal clasp and back of the face...the latter being really intricate and interesting to look at! But the thing I love most, of course, is the rose gold. 

I thought I would struggle with styling this item as I wasn't sure what would compliment the wood. I don't think it's an item I would wear for more dressy occasions, but I really love it on a blue jeans and white tee kinda day. It looks perfect with that laid-back look and offers that little bit of quirk to a plain outfit. I don't think it's an item I'll wear daily - I love my Michael Kors and Olivia Burton watches too much to sacrifice them just yet, but I will definitely wear it more than I thought. My next blog post will be an OOTD featuring this watch, so keep your eyes peeled for how I style it!

What do you think about a wood watch? Do you like this one? Would you buy one? 

*JORD sent me this watch for review purposes. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.