So it's pretty late at the moment, but this has been my one free night for about a week now, so I decided to blog!  I'm afraid i can't offer anything exciting; especially visually as I've either been too busy, or the things I would like to blog about (my new clothesss!!!) have been packed for my holiday...
Oh the downfall of having an OCD parent...

But I thought before I start my blog properly, and write about my 'fashiony' stuff (I will say now that I will probably rant about the most random things too, so i apologize in advance!) that I'd kind of introduce you to me. ..

  • My name is Chloe/Clo/whatever stupid name people decide to call me. I'm currently in sixth form, which I hate. I actually believe the term hate is too gentle for describing my school, but i'll move on from this swiftly because I could easily be here til' morning. 
  • I've recently acquired my job...working for Wetherspoons...which all in all isn't awful, and certainly makes for an eventful day as i'm sure you will find out soon enough. I've also met some amazing people and i've only been working there for like...two weeks? Chuffed. 
  • I'm incredibly short and have accepted that my 5 foot 3 height will never advance in to anything more. This happens to make me the subject of the so called 'easy jokes' that people use to make themselves feel better, without realising that infact, they sound a bit stupid as they can't think up  anything interesting to say without pointing out the obvious....
  • I have a serious addiction to online shopping. How superficial does that make me? Yeah, i guess quite a lot, but I think it developed from always being the last person to want something, and when finally deciding to break into my bank, I find that they have either completely sold out or just my size has gone. To prevent this, I have began to check my favourite shops....almost daily? Sad? ... I know. 
The other little parts of me will become apparent as I start to blog more, but that will be in a few weeks as i'm going on holidayyyyy!!!! Well two in fact :P ... Mwahahaha. After my holidays, my blogging will officially commence, pictures n all :)

So bye for now, and I'll speak to you when i return...hopefully much browner, and with some interesting anecdotes in case I have no idea what to put on this damn thing! Happy Summer Holidays! <3 

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