My God, I have no idea what I'm doing! it was bad enough trying to find some sort of name for my URL let alone designing a layout. I asked a couple of my friends to help me out and for the past week and we've been 'umming and arring' over all sorts of phrases. I settled with 'Dusted Fairytale'. Its a 'Los Campesinos' lyric and i love the connotations it holds. Kind of a, 'not everything is as it seems' theme going on, and I can most certainly relate. I then found a Marilyn Monroe quote which entertained the hell out of me, and thought it was perfect for what i wanted my blog to be about; fashion, beauty and life in general. I'm also facing some huge decisions such as University at the moment, and the thought of the right pair of shoes enabling me to get through the stress of it is bloody brilliant. Maybe its worth going on a little shop... it might answer all my problems! :)

 This design is also temporary. I had to fix something together quickly so hopefully i'll come up with a more appealing design soon!

 I don't really know what this is going to be all about yet, but welcome, and i hope you enjoy it! <3

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