Last night I was privileged enough to get a Blog Award from the beautiful Sophie. I can not describe how amazing it felt to see my name on her post, it made my night! :)

This is what you have to do...

  •  Thank and link back to the person that awarded you.
  •  Write 7 random facts about yourself that people wont necessarily know.
  •  Spread the love to 15 other bloggers!

So, My Seven Random Facts...

  • I cannot go a day without checking the 'new arrivals' page on at least 5 different online shops. Its an obsession and wastes far too much of my time!
  • When I was younger I stole a chocolate biscuit from my fridge and thought I was going to be sent to Prison.
  • One of my favourite parts of a man is their forearms. Without good forearms, a man is just not as attractive. Weird huh? Yeh I know ;) 
  • I hate fish
  • I have a parrot. She's called Connie. She talks :D 
  • When I drive I sing really loudly and bang my arms against my steering wheel in time with the beat thinking no-one can see. They can Chloe, they realllyyyy can!! 
  • My nostrils flare when I find something funny.

The 15 Blogs I'm Passing This On To...

These are people that inspire me to blog and give me serious excitement when they come up on my Blog Updates. 

 Enjoy the rest of your night my beauts! :) 

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  1. Thank you beautiful!! :) xx

  2. Scrolling through your blog for a little blog catch up and I stumbled across this post, thank you for including me in the list - I am going to check out all the other blogs now, i love having new blogs to read xxx