I'm turning 18 in two days. Ah... two days! I can't actually contain my excitement!! I can not wait for the amount of alcohol I can buy girly nights out and being able to walk in to a place with the old 'can i see your ID please'. I hate bouncers. Blah...hate is a strong word...I severely dislike them. 
 On my birthday, me and seven of my girlfriends are going in a limo (with a fireman who's jealous) and having dinner and drinks in London. So inevitably this poses the question of what to wear. I had my mind set on this little 'wine' coloured tunic dress with my new heels. In my head it all looked great, and whilst everybody else was stressing earlier this week, I was pretty chuffed that I had it all figured out. 
So a couple of hours ago I tried it all on. The dress was a bit baggy, a bit casual, a bit...Bleurgh. It made me look ridiculous. So in my time of desperation, I did what any other girl would do. 
1. Rummage through every inch of my wardrobe only to become completely dissatisfied with what I find. 
2. Browse every shop online, willing to pay next day delivery, only to find that nothing takes your fancy. 
3. Call up every single girlfriend that's your size, and maybe one down/up and see if they have anything. 
4. Sulk. 

After completing my four stages (I'm still on the fourth) of pre-birthday-clothing-crisis-disease  (prbccd for short),  I have decided to lower my standards and wear something that I'm not fully comfortable with. 

Please welcome ... *drum roll* ...  ASOS-Black Notch Dress
If you have any tips of how to make this a bit more exciting, i'd be eternally grateful. You'd also get the satisfaction of helping someone in need, now isn't that worth it :P 

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  1. haha thats exactly how I felt when I turned 18, the joy of being able to show bouncers your real ID and go 'HAH' :D

  2. I HATE when I plan to wear something then at the last minute you realise it looks hideous! You're gonna have such a great night, enjoy yourself! x

  3. Just found your blog, I love it :) And you turned 18 on the 14th September?! Me too!! How weird haha, hope you had a good birthday xxx

  4. I do not really understand why bouncers would ask you for your I.D anyway! You look older than eighteen!

    I am seventeen and look so young I refuse to go out to town with my friends because I know I will be rejected :( sad times.

    I love your blog too :)