My Dress - Topshop
Shoes - New Look (see previous post) 
Clutch - ASOS

Ahh, I just had the best birthday. I am honestly so grateful for all the beautiful presents I received and the most amazing night out. My favourite present had to be my new camera. It's a Panasonic Lumix and it is SO beautiful. I also got a new mac coat from ASOS, a charm for my Links of London bracelet, money, make-up...e.t.c. I'm a lucky girl :)
 On my birthday I went to college which was pretty average... until lunchtime when my favourite sandwich shop didn't charge me for my lunch and I returned to my common room with everyone singing to me ( Not forgetting the cake! ) I then came home and got ready for my night out!!
 I have to say, I didn't anticipate the amount of fun we'd have in the Limo. We had so much champagne and didn't stop singing for the whole Journey. When we got in to London, me and friend undid the window and stuck our heads out because we're such celebrities.  I don't think i've ever blew kisses to so many strangers!! One guy even stuck his head in the window...what a creeeeep!
We embarked on the Hard Rock Cafe to continue annoying everyone with our singing and eat some seriously good food. Then just before we left they made me stand on a chair and the whole place sung to me. Embarrassing? Slightly...but I loved it :)
 We had a walk around London after this, had more strangers talk to us and then I realised i'd forgotten my ID. What kind of idiot forgets their ID on their 18th birthday? Know anyone? ... Me neither. ;)
 Anyway I could ramble about it for hours, but that's the jist ;) If you ever get stuck on what to do for your birthday, get a limo. They are amazing.

I hope you all had a great week <3

Til next time! x

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  1. you look so pretty! Glad you had a nice birthday :) xx

  2. your dress is so lovely! hope you had a brilliant birthday xx

  3. what a great blog with beautiful pictures! i really like it :)

    love, lola

  4. Hey
    I'm from Essex too :)

    Glad you had a fab birthday!

  5. your birthday outfit is so so cute! loving the clutch :)

  6. You are SO beautiful!! Was fantastic to meet you on Saturday - absolutely love your blog sweetheart xx