Don't you think this is just the cutest thing ever? It was a present from my sister for my birthday and I've loved putting all my little bits and bobs on. Its given me an amazing excuse to go out and buy some earrings though...All them holes to fill!! *daydreams about jewellery shopping*
 Jewellery is always the one thing I have lacked and I have no idea why. I always spend so much on everything else and just forget. I then see all of these beautiful photos of girls with amazing accessories and i'm like 'Dammnnnn'.
Feel free to help me in my crisis... if you know any good jewellery shops that aren't too overpriced, please let me know!!
And if you like this ... It is from Urban Outfitters. I am slowly but surely falling in love with this shop; they have beautiful (but pricey) clothes and their 'homewares' section is soo retro and cute. They do the most amazing cameras, books e.t.c. I even bought a Hipflask from there a couple of weeks back!! Its one of those shops you can go into and buy a million things but then never use them?
Buttttt....You will use this ;)   ... BUY IT  

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  1. This is such a good idea and so pretty too. xoxo

  2. aw that is so pretty :) i'm the same with the lack of accessories...x


  3. Ahhh this is so pretty I really want one!! Thanks for the comment on my blog hun, my eyebrows are practically non-existant so I have to fill them in with a eyebrow pencil! xxx


  4. Clo!
    Please can I have your email address lovey? I need to ask you something! :) Ta xx

  5. I could seriously do with one of these :) it's so pretty xx

  6. Love this storage solution! I use hooks and boxes for my jewellery with the exception of a drawer in which I now keep my most valuable pieces. You can have a look at my youtube channel if you want to see what I am talking about. It's http://youtube.com/user/thefrenchbeautyspot. : )

    I love anything UO to be honest...My best friends and I all have one of thei hipflask - essential to stay chic even on a night out! ; )

    Looking forward to see you at The Only Way Is Blogging!