The days before he arrives at my door remind me of the days before my birthday; being happy, excited and being filled with butterflies. However as time goes on, I encounter sleepless nights, daydreams and obsessive thoughts. It feels like forever since I've seen him but I know that its been less than a week. The buzzer sounds and that's it, i'm a gibberish mess. My heart is beating out of my body and my hands are shaking. I open the door to find Andy. Oh Andy....

  I can see that he doesn't share my excitement when he frowns at my stupidly large smile before handing over what he's came here to deliver. I snatch the parcel, slam the door and run into my living room, ripping open my beautiful beautiful package. This is my guilty pleasure....parcels. 
 Not Andy...Let's just clear that up!  :P

These babies make my life ... I'm being serious. If I have had the worst day ever and then get a package come through the door i'm instantly happy. Every stupid worry of mine simply disappears....until about half an hour later. Then I'm bored and back to browsing for something else to buy. Its a dangerous game that leaves me incredibly skint... yet for those 30 minutes, i'm ecstatic. For those 30 minutes having ten pound in my account doesn't feel like a problem. 

 This is what I get in either one week or two. Yet its not enough. Every day I come home to find no package it feels like I've just broken up with a long-term boyfriend... I feel unloved, unwanted and incredibly lonely.

Jesus Christ I sound like a drip , so I shall end with this plea...

 If anyone....ANYONE....can find a cure or a way around my obsession with parcels, you have GOT to let me know. All suggestions welcome, whether you think they sound bonkers or not ;) 

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  1. oh i would love it if you started some affair with your delivery man! i have no idea how to cure your parcel addiction! maybe only order really really tiny cheap things like jewellery or.. socks, that way maybe you'll be less skint? OR just extend the overdraft! x

  2. I'm exactly the same, its so addictive and far easier than shopping in the busy town centres. I feel upset though when you come home to one of them cards then you have to go and pick up the parcel the next day aaargh :( x

  3. "Shop" online like crazy and put all the fun things in your cart so it feels like you're buying them and then go read a blog or something inside. Or just choose your one favorite. ;)

    xo chanel

  4. I can't help you im afraid, as I also have the same disease :(

    Although, if you're doing something naughty naughty, then you should always try and do something good to balance it out and justify it to yourself that you're being rewarded for being a bit naughty!

    Have you got a Boots card? You can earn points from other shops jut by following the links on their Treat Street website, and they often have discount codes too!

    So what does it matter if you're spending £50 in New Look, you're SAVING 25% or postage AND earning a few points too!


  5. Err...start buying cheap stuff on eBay, it'll be less expensive at least, and it'll be a surprise when you open the unidentified packaging!! That's how I get my fix anyway :) x

  6. If you like parcels please take a look at my recently launched scarf line....
    I think its totally suiting to your style and vibe!

  7. wow, how many sthing you bought online, well that's life but it's a good thing that your puchase came along at the right moment ;)

    Nice blog btw, I'm following you now
    I hope you follow me back!


  8. Packages excite me as well but I rarely shop online so I don't get them too often.
    Farrah's Muse

  9. haha this made me laugh, partially because I am exactly the same!

    The thrill when you hear that knock on the door is just heaven... for like 10 minutes and like you said back to shopping for something else!


  10. haha I totally know how you feel! I am addicted to online shopping but then once i open the package im not so fussed about the contents. I am going through a bad breakup and Im not going to lie.. when i get a package for a brief moment it does make me feel better and less unwanted.

  11. Glad you commented on my blog, because i love yours! x x

  12. haha love this! i can totally relate :) a cure though... is there one? xoxo

  13. Ahahha love this post, guilty pleasure for Andy eh ;) I feel exactly the same, it makes my day when I get a parcel in the post :D X

  14. I go through stages of ordering lots of little cheap things from ebay and it means that I get packages through the door every/every other day!! Jewellery from Hong Kong is the best. Costs like 99p, it takes about 3 weeks to come but when it does - EXCITEMENT!!! X