When you're getting ready to go to University, there is a certain amount of things that you get worried about. The first being that everyone in your flat is a complete weirdo... or a serial killer....or a thief. You worry that the kitchen will be a state and no-one will like you and you'll be living in complete awkwardness for a year. The second is that you're going to have a timetable that means your up at 6am every day, 5 days a week; no nights out, no lie ins. You also worry about being away from home and crying the second someone mentions their boyfriend, parent or even their dog. So if your flatmates didn't like you in the first place, they definitely won't like you now.
 You also worry about what to bring; clothes, make-up, decor e.t.c. Personally, I was so worried that I forgot the most important thing, the most necessary thing that you need at University. I forgot my underwear. That means that somewhere in the country is a box full of my knickers that my mum has posted to me... pah!
 I've actually been really lucky with everything. My flatmates are lovely, my timetable isn't the most depressing thing in the world and I haven't had any public breakdowns yet. I have been trailing around the city looking for Fairy Lights though, which has been my only problem as I can't find a single shop that sells them.
When it came to packing, there was a lot of clothes that I couldn't bring. I actually woke up this morning and couldn't find a thing to wear which is worrying because I thought I'd packed the better half of my wardrobe. I did buy a few new things for Uni though that I thought were versatile enough to see me through the year, for every occasion.

Shirt - New Look
Skirt - Asos - Hearts and Crosses 
Leather Jacket - Miss Selfridge 
Laptop Case - Ted baker

The horse print shirt was the cutest thing ever and reminded me last seasons Zara shirts. I've seen others in Primark recently so I might have to expand my collection (Especially considering Primark is going to be the only place I can afford). The only thing with this shirt is because I'm one of very few Southern people here, I'm worried they are going to think I'm one of those girls from Hertfordshire that is obsessed with horses and makes all their friends at Pony Club. (I'm not judging those type of people, I'm just not one of them!) It is the cutest thing though, especially under a jumper with the collar out. 

Who else has just gone to Uni or is going this week? How have you found it so far? 

Chlo x

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  1. This was so enjoyable to read! You got some lovely pieces too, the laptop case is my favourite! Hope uni goes great for you, I'm sure it will! <3


  2. Love that shirt ;) haha, I love the outfit you've styled it with! I'm going to Uni on Saturday and I'm scared of every single thing you've posted about haha

    Julia x

  3. Sounds like you've had a brilliant start to your year!!! Enjoy freshers :) the skirt is awesome!

    Robyn Mayday

  4. Love your buys <3. Best of luck at university.

    Sadie x


  5. You have a really awesome writing style, it's really fun reading your blog. Good luck with Uni :) xxx

  6. This post actually made me laugh, silly you for forgetting your underwear! But I'm very happy that everything is going well for you at uni and your flatmates aren't psychos :D. That shirt is so lovely, may have to invest in this!

    Love Becky xx

  7. that shirt is a gorgeous print

  8. I have moved to a new place for work and its just as hard...maybe harder because I have to pay all my bills and cannot bunk work;)

  9. I've just stumbled across your blog and I love it! The outfit you show here is gorgeous, especially that top (:

  10. I understand how you feel, i moved from Vancouver to London for University and had all those worries and SO much more!
    I hope your school year goes well!

    and yes, primark is every students best friend!

    Following you on GFC, would love if you would follow back :)


  11. Great post^^I love your blog :)


    I'd love to follow you, if you do the same for me.

  12. Love that laptop case! x


  13. I follow you, I really liked your blog.

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  17. Anonymous10/14/2012

    super chic laptop case


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  19. Hey!
    i've just discovered ur amazing blog!
    u have a cool style, love that blouse!
    have a lovely weekend :)
    kisses from Spain,