When I was asked by Rare if i wanted to blog about a few of their products, I had to say Yes. I've owned the odd thing from Rare before, and constantly eye up the dresses in Topshop. To me, if something is selling in Topshop, it's worth buying! I chose this dress and a studded Jumper, which I will blog about soon.

As soon as I opened this, I immediately tried it on and ran in to my flatmates room. I was twirling and swirling like I used to when I tried on Disney Princess costumes when I was about 4, because that's what I felt like, a princess. I then knew that these photos couldn't be the usual white background, dull lighting, bog standard malarky...they had to have a background that was as beautiful as the dress.

Luckily for me I live a five minute walk from Newcastle's Quayside. Unlucky for me, the North is always freezing and being December, it's the worst time to go and take pictures with just a dress on! Everyone that walked past me did that silly 'i'm cold' move when you rub your hands over your arms and pulled a face that said 'you must have phenomena'.

The dress is strapless with a concealed zip down the back and ruffles all over. I styled it quite simply here because I didn't want anything to distract from the main item but it would go perfect with a clutch bag and a small necklace. I'd love there to be an occasion coming up so that I could wear this but not even New Years Eve gives me an opportunity! I'm  going to have to just keep twirling round my flat until that occasion comes.

You can buy the dress here  and it is currently half price!

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  1. Love this dress so much, the shape is so flattering on you xx


  2. awwww you must have been freeeeezing!! I bought my last xmas party dress from rare, they have some really nice things x

  3. It's lovely. I always thought Rare was a bit chavvy. but it's so nice.
    My best mate lives in Newcastle- you're all mental. It's like antartica.


  4. SO pretty dress!
    Amazing pictures!
    would you like to follow each other?
    xoxo E

  5. You cant beat a LBD, love all the ruffles! Such a fab backdrop to! xx


  6. all in aid of fashion...love that you took these in the cold, you look gorgeous :) x

  7. Oh my god Chloe you look amaaazing!!! Your dress is absolutely beautiful. Not surprised you were frozen though!

    Robyn Mayday

  8. you look so pretty and the dress is perfect on you! :D

    <3, Mimi

  9. you look beautiful

  10. Great dress! love these snaps :)

  11. I love the dress, you look really pretty! :)


  12. This dress is pretty, great choice! & you look gorgeous!

    tan-talk.blogspot.com x