'Hear Muffs'


Listening to music in public has always been a bit of a problem for me; not because I don't enjoy it but because I get so carried away. There's the casual finger tap on the bus, the nodding dog effect in my lectures or even the 'to-the-beat-walk'...which the most humiliating out of the three. Due to the baltic temperatures that winter brings, listening to music out and about is sometimes tricky and one may be deprived of their 'travel dancing', so to speak. Headphones and hats are always a difficult combination as more times than not, they just fall out. So you have to choose; cold ears or music?
 With these 'hear muffs' you don't have to choose. I just plug them in to my i-Phone and I have warm ears and my music playing. The quality is as good as any speakers I have ever had and with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, I can plug them in to pretty much anything!
 I do have to admit that I was a little confused at first as I tried to put these on like normal ear-muffs e.g. over the top of my head. They would not fit at all and I even checked with my flatmate as I thought 'do I have an exceptionally large head?'. Luckily I was incorrect and these are meant to fit round the back of the head. They are really comfortable and stay on really well due to the adjustable fit. I chose this black snowflake design as it was just so wintery! What's even more impressive is the fact that the headphone cable matches the design as well, being black with little white specks on.
 I have absolutely loved wearing these, even if it makes me look stranger bobbing along to music as there are no apparent headphones to be seen! A definite winter investment in my books!

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  1. love the headphones!
    i get self-conscious when i listen to music in public- i think that my music might be a bit too loud and people can hear what i'm listening to.


  2. Wow these are so cool! I saw some Ugg Australia ones last year that I desperately wanted, very similar to these!

    Http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xx

  3. I once saw one in Matalan but I could never pull off an ear muff ever. You look really cute in these pictures! x


  4. these are the sweetest! the pattern is adorable xx

  5. Oh wow! They're so cute and handy!

  6. Hey just found your blog! This is such a nice post haha, refreshing to see someone taking some fun, relaxed pictures :)!
    Looks like a great investment, definitely get use out of them!

    If you have a minute, take a look at my blog? If you like it, maybe we could follow each other? Lucy xx


  7. Just found your blog! I wish i found it sooner, its so lovely!
    Love Naomi -

  8. This is adorable!
    and such lovely pictures :)

  9. These look like such a good idea! It beats your earphones always falling out your ears too!

    Lindsey. x

  10. these are a great idea x

  11. You look so cute and these are a brilliant idea, I wish I had of picked them up at the start of winter

    A little bit Unique


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  12. You look really cute with it:) Great hairstyle!

    Best Jasmin