Revitalash Primer


* I have been using the product for a week to give a fair review so the last photo isn't an accurate representation of what the primer looks like new*

I don't pretend to be a beauty blogger. I think it's safe to say I've stuck to the same products since the age of 11, and have never had the money to go experimenting. Whilst I may splurge on the odd Benefit product, most of my make-up is off the high-street, and that's the way I like it. But when QVC got in contact with me about this Revitalash primer, I couldn't say no. I may not use the fancy words to review this like other bloggers, but sometimes you can't get better than layman's terms...

 I've only used two other primers before this one; 'That Gal' by Benefit and the Collection 2000 one. The Benefit one was my favourite out of the two because it really cleared my skin up. Whilst I didn't notice my make-up staying on much longer, it did prevent my foundation from giving me spots. The Collection 2000 primer was too thin and didn't do a to say that was a waste of money.

This Revitalash Fineline Primer has to be the best for making my make-up stick. I'll apply my make-up at 8am and it will still be as fresh at 8pm. It also gives my foundation a really smooth and natural look. I've also noticed that it's brightened the look of my make-up due to the primer having a slight shimmer. Usually I would fault this as I hate anything shimmery..but you don't notice the actual shimmer of this because you're putting foundation or something else on top.

The primer has a neutral smell; something I wouldn't consider as a fault. I've experienced some primers where you can smell chemicals, and others that smell like this definitely tops that.

The only flaw about this product would be it's price. But the thick consistency of the primer means a little bit goes a long way. Obviously I don't have a lot to compare it to but it does the job, and that's all that matters!

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  1. ahh love it! shame about the price though! defiantly worth the save up!xxx