Tartan and Stripes


Top - Topshop / Jacket - H&M / Scarf - H&M (old) / Boots - Office / Bag - Marc B / Jeans - Topshop /  Bracelets and Ring - Topshop

This outfit consists of all of my favourites at the moment. My boots have been worn to death since I bought them as they literally go with everything and as a plus, add an extra inch to my 5"2 height! I have also worn the top to death too! I love how the stripes are vertical on the back and horizontal on the front, and the way it hangs due to the kind of silky (that and cotton are the only materials I know...so it definitely isn't silky) material.
My scarf (also been worn to death) is something I wear proudly simply because it took me over a month to find. I had seen it in store and one of my uni friends had it, and I always looked at it lovingly! However I did the typical me thing and decided I really wanted it after it had sold out in store. So i trailed markets and every online fashion retailer for one similar, but no, nothing as nice as this. Then I found it on eBay (after typing 'tartan check scarf' every day for a month'). I was so excited that this scarf could finally be mine as i was entering my stingy bid of £2.50. Then it happened...AN EBAY TROLL was the previous bidder, and immediately he was outbidding me by £1.00. I don't usually quit, but there was no chance I was winning.
Luckily it reappeared on eBay a week later and it was mine for £0.99. Absolute bargin.  

What do you think about my recent finds? Have you ever been that persistent because you just need something in your life?

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P.P.S apologies for the picture quality, it was super sunny!

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  1. Love tartan scarfs, I really need to get one! Your boots are gorgeous too :)xo


  2. Tartan and stripes went so well together! I love the colour of the scarf,
    and your smile is beautiful! :)

  3. I love that scarf and your boots! I HATE ebay trolls, so frustrating when you geniunely want something!

    http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xxx

  4. Such a pretty outfit, love the scarf :)

  5. Great outfit, I love the scarf, I need to get a tartan make an outfit so much more interesting! x

  6. I love the scarf it's the icing on the cake ♡

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  7. Hello. I would be super happy if you take time to check my blog,
    thank you so much,
    XOXO Nika


  8. i love how you mix basic elements in this outfit with the bright tartan scarf! very lovely outfit! <3

    Check out my new post at Fashion Week Australia!

  9. I love the scarf! :D

  10. Love the tartan scarf! :)