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I'm currently obsessed with jewellery, and also orange and lime green...hence the reoccurring theme throughout this blogpost. I think the colours are perfect for summer and also go with everything, therefore I consider as investment pieces rather than impulse buys! (Well...that's what I tell myself!)

All necklaces from Topshop apart from the silver Vivienne Westwood pendant.

The daisy necklace is one of my newest. I've noticed how daisy's are featured a lot in fashion at the moment, especially on Motel and Topshop. I thought this necklace was so cute and would look perfect with a darker coloured top!
 The two matching necklaces are fairly long and look great on their own or doubled up. I was gutted with these as I bought the orange one full price, a day later they were both in the sale!...Typical!
The necklace on the Eiffel Tower (not actually a jewellery stand) is also really new and I'm pretty sure I've seen Millie Mackintosh wear it in MIC! 

I love this little bowl from Urban Outfitters, it makes it so much easier to store some of my jewellery!! I've noticed they do a lot of cute ring trays and bowls at the moment, and at fairly reasonable prices too! 
All of these bracelets are from topshop, the bottom two from the sale. The top three came in a set with two other bracelets, but these are my favourites. It's meant I look so co-ordinated with my necklaces and rings too which I love but other people might think I've gone a bit OTT! Primark have a similar set at the moment for anyone that doesn't want to spend as much!! 

Square Rose Gold Ring - Asos/ Silver Midi Ring - The Bohemian Collective/ All other rings - Topshop

Oh, another item with a hint of orange...what a surprise! ...
These are just the rings I wear daily although because my fingers are so small, it's impossible to wear them more than a few at once because on most fingers they just fall off! Even the midi ring has to be worn as a normal fitting ring because otherwise it just falls off. 
The three topshop shape rings came in a set and there are also earrings to match. I've left earrings out of this post though as I don't wear many now due to my ears just rejecting everything!! :(

What are your favourite pieces? Has anyone else gone mad for jewellery at the moment? 

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  1. That daisy necklace is adorable and so me!! I love Primark's jewellery and rarely buy any from anywhere else. They always have perfect Zara and Topshop dupes!Xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion Blog

  2. Love the little Urban Outfitters bowl you have your bracelets in, it's so pretty and a good idea :)xo

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  4. I absolutely love your jewellery storage- so cute! I really love your picks too, the flashes of neon just scream summer and that daisy chain necklace reminds me of happy childhood summers spent on the school field looking for daisies! xx

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  5. Love your Eiffel Tower, its such a great idea to hand necklaces off it :)xo

  6. Love those bracelets and the way you store them~
    Maybe we can follow each other~

  7. Your blog is most adorable....

    I have followed you!

  8. Love your jewellery :) x