Even at my age, the thought of getting old sends me in to a breathless panicked state *reaches for the nearest paper bag*. We spend an extortionate amount of money on products that tell us that even at the age of 100, it is possible to have the skin of an 18 year old. These miracle creams promise to eradicate thighs that look like the peel of twenty oranges, chicken neck and breasts that hang lower than the equator. Of course, we all pay over the odds for these false promises.
I've always viewed my eyes as one of the better parts of my body and enjoy the compliments people give me about 'looking into a sea of blue'. (Cringe). We talk with our eyes, some even say they are the windows to our soul so the thought of developing any condition that could affect my eyes is worrying. I would therefore consider spending any amount of money for treatment that could save my vision, a treatment that would work and not lead me on with false promises. Such conditions do include cataracts, an unfortunate stage in ageing where the lens of an eye becomes cloudy, causing deterioration. If it is left untreated, it can cause blindness.
Imagine that. Not being able to view the seven wonders of the world...

 1. Men.
 2. Topshop.
 3. Mulberry.
 4. Company Magazine.
 5. TOWIE ... however awful it may be.
 6. Food ... all those instagram pictures would definitely go to waste.
 7. Twitter...after all, what is life when you don't know what someone is having for dinner?

But fear not, cataracts surgery is now one of the most common procedures in the UK and restores sight to thousands of people. If, like me, the thought of surgery drains all blood from your face and makes you go wobbly at the knees, you'll be pleased to know that cataract surgery is one of the safest procedures to have ever taken place.
 Thinking about cataracts made me realise that without my vision, my blog and love for clothes would be pretty non-existent. We all take our eyes for granted and forget that it's not just our appearance that can be at stake as we grow older. It's always good to be aware.

Does anyone know anyone with cataracts? Had you ever heard of it before?

For more information visit the webpage on Optical Express Cataract Treatment

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  1. love this chlo, so funny and true. i know people who have had this done and would never regret it! brillaint post chlo x x

  2. My grandma has cateracts and recently went for an operation. I was so worried but she came out of the op all fine and dandy! x