Monochrome Nails!


Ewww...feet are not the nicest things to look at...but I wanted to show you my new monochrome nails! I got the idea from this months Cosmopolitan magazine and actually love's nice having something a bit different rather than a plain colour. I've found a really easy way to do nail designs now so I thought I'd share! If anyone has a better way...please let me know! :)

To get this effect, I painted my nails white, let them dry (completely!!) and then used masking tape to cover half of my nail. I made sure it was firmly against my nail so no black nail polish would seep through onto the white and painted the part of my nail that wasn't covered. I then just let that dry (for way too long to be careful) and then slowly peeled off the masking tape to hopefully reveal a clean edge!

If the line isn't as clean as I like, I use a nail art pen to neaten it up. This one is great because it has a small thin brush and a nib, for people that prefer one or the other. I used this on a few of my nails to just remove some rough edges and fill in the corners.

What do you think of this look?? Would you do this but in another way??

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  1. Your Nails look super cool, I would Love to try it but I know they wont look as great as yours. haha
    Claudia xx

  2. Really lovely nails :)

  3. super cute black and white nails <3

    check out my latest outfit post! :)

  4. This is so good, i'm going to try this on my fingers :)