Whenever I'm out, I always admire hands that are...well ringed? I think they can add a lot of detail to a simple outfit and frankly, I think it just looks cool. So when trailing through ASOS in a last minute frenzy to find some holiday bits, I couldn't resist these ring multipacks!
 The thick silver ones are my favourite! They are great to stack because of the different sizes and fit most of my fingers! I got them in a M/L ... which was risky as I'm always an XS but for once I wanted rings that could fit other fingers than just my middle or ring finger. I think they were £8 but I got them a little cheaper with student discount. That's a pound per ring, bargain really!
 I got the other pack in a S/M to fit the usual fingers and liked these because they go better with my delicate pandora rings. I like how they are still simple yet interesting with the different textures! These were £4.20 which again, I think is really reasonably priced!

 I'm off on holiday tomorrow for 2 weeks so I wont be online much! I'm going to try and do a few holiday blog posts when I'm away, but I don't know how well they will go considering I wont have my MacBook. So Ciao England...and Bonjourno Italy! 

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  1. These are SO nice! & so good for the price! Definitely need to invest. Love you blog, now following!x