That Urban Outfitters Pinafore


Dress - UO / Tee - H&M / Watch - Michael Kors / Shoes - Topshop / Scarf - H&M / Flower Ring - Pandora / Other rings - Asos

As usual, I'm jumping on a trend 5 months later than other people. Truth be told, I hated pinafore dresses when they came out. Don't get me wrong they looked great on some people, but I genuinely looked like I was on my way to Primary School if I stepped out the house. They kind of swamped my 5"2 body as if my mum had bought it for me 3 sizes up so I could 'grow in to it'. (We all had it right?)
But as usual, I get swayed after a while, and walking into Urban Outfitters did just that. I saw this as a display piece on the wall and had to have it. Completely unaware as to what I'd put with it or if it would even look ok. 
When I got home and tried it on, I was pretty convinced that I was going to return it. I emptied my wardrobe and my friends wardrobes trying to figure what I'd put it with, and even did a tweet asking for suggestions. Kim at LoveCloth suggested a white tee and I loved it! I've also found a few other shirts I can put this with.
 So what do I think now? No chance in hell that I'm returning it. 

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  1. Gorgeous outfit doll. I love UO as their clothes always seem unique - even though they are high street! I love your hair too, so jealous!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. I still haven't got a pinafore yet! You look adorbs!

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  3. So pretty, I wish I could rock the pinafore trend but my bust is a bit on the large side and they just don't suit me. I really need to pick up a check scarf asap :-)

  4. your outfit is really pretty, and I like the way you have set out your outfit post x

  5. gorgeous outfit !


  6. Love your dress here! I saw it in UrbanOutfitters, but decided not to get it- REGRETS! -G,x