West Kensington F&F Boutique


Last week I was lucky enough to attend the press breakfast for the opening of the new and only F&F boutique in London. I have to admit, I didn't have extremely high hopes because in my mind, there's only so much that a boutique stemming from a supermarket brand can offer. I've seen F&F clothes in Tesco supermarkets before, but never really bat an eyelid as I assume I won't like what I see. 

When I walked into this West Kensington Boutique, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. It was situated on a higher floor than the Tesco's shop, and the whole back wall was glass, bringing in the beautiful morning sun and really giving the shop a classy feel. 

Beautiful breakfast was being served at the front of the boutique for all those attending and everyone was really friendly, making sure I had coffee and something to eat. I've never met more hands on staff than I did that morning, so eager to tell you about the shop and help you find thing's to suit your style. They must have been so fed up with me, doing laps around the shop making sure I'd seen absolutely everything!

I thought that getting the chance to see the boutique and have breakfast was lucky enough, until I got handed a £75 pound voucher to spend on whatever I liked. I really couldn't believe it, and was so excited to go around the boutique yet again to spot what I wanted.

Images taken from the F&F website

Above is what I bought with my voucher. The underwear set was gone in minutes, it's so beautiful and the detail on it is incredible. The jacquard dress was a favourite of mine, I love the way there are two sections to it! Then of course I had to get some tartan PJ's ... because what's winter without a pair of those? 
Then my absolute favourite thing I bought was this fur gilet. I bought it in a 6 and it was still a bit long but I love pairing this with a white tee and some black jeans and boots. It really makes a simple outfit stand out so much more. 

Not only was I incredibly impressed with my buys, and the store, but the quality of the clothes should have added another '0' on to every price tag. In any other store, I probably would have been able to get two of these items for £75 pound, not all four. 

I will no longer completely ignore F&F in Tesco stores, or perhaps any supermarket brands, because they really are as good as any shop. So thank you for having me F&F...it was a great morning!

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  1. wow that looks amazing, definitely not like something you'd find in a supermarket xx

  2. I LOVE F&F .. I bought two gorgeous dresses for my Summer holidays earlier in the year, and they also had amazing shorts that were only £6. They also never let you down on PJs, and I gave up buying M&S tights that kept laddering and now only get them from F&F!

  3. I am a massive F&F fan what a fab experience. I really love their clothes and they r such good quality! x

  4. Wow this is amazing, so unexpected from F&F!