Halloween - What I Wore.


So many people go as something dead or slutty for Halloween, and whilst some costumes do look amazing, a lot of people look very samey sometimes. So this year I went as a girl from the Roy Litchenstein Prints ... something that proved difficult in the sense that not everyone quite knew what I was getting at, but they got the general gist of pop art. 

To do this I just needed pink, black and blue face paint. If I had more time I would have done the dots a lot more...well...dotty...but it was very difficult! I then outlined my features in black and painted the tears on. To finish it off I did some vintage curls and sprayed my hair yellow (although later found out it was green, no matter what it said on the bottle).

I'm really pleased I tried something different this year as I love the reaction I got from some people. Now to think for next year's idea...

What did everyone else go as for Halloween? Did you do anything a bit different? 

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  1. This is such a good halloween outfit, agree about the same old cat and witch slutty costumes although they can look nice!

  2. Such an amazing idea, it looks brilliant!