The Furry Things in Life


Fur Lapel, Coat, Jeans,  - Topshop / Bag - Zara / Boots - Office / Top - New Look

Winter's here, meaning it's the time wear we want to look like we have some sort of animal draped around us. It's crazy how much fur and mohair items are 'in' this season, but I'm loving it! I've bought this nude coloured fur lapel from Topshop and always wear it over my coat. It brings a bit of light and colour into any outfit and keeps my neck amazingly warm. Like usual, I know want more colours - grey and black please? 
I've also included my new Zara bag into this post. 'New?' I hear you ask... Well yeh I know it's actually about 8 months old, but hey I'm being true to myself and wanting something long after everyone else has it. (In my defence it's been out of stock for months!) 
I love having a new bag simply because there are no receipts, crumbs or old pieces of chewing gum at the bottom. It's also motivation to sort through old bags meaning you find money, lipsticks, hair grips e.t.c that you didn't realise you had! It really is a win win situation. 

Is anybody else loving fur at the moment?

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  1. Gorgeous, I love a bit of faux fur it so snuggley and warm :)

  2. You look gorgeous Chloe! That coat and fur collar look so snug and perfect for winter! x

  3. I love having a new bag for the same reasons, haha! Lovely outfit, you look super pretty:)xo

  4. Loving fur at the moment and loving the lapel!!

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