How I Wear My Lace Kimono


Kimono - H&M / Cami - Topshop / Necklace - Forever 21

Kimono's, to me, are funny. They're used across in Asia as a daily attire, they're used as night-time cover ups, and now we have decided to take a shot at it as well. Because this one is sheer, I do feel like I should be rocking a 'negligee' underneath (that's the word, right?) but I'm slowly getting used to wearing it out and about. 

My favourite thing about this kimono is the lace detail. It's at the bottom and also hems the sleeves, and I think it makes it a lot less boring. It's so easy to throw on and makes an outfit look more interesting in seconds! I want a floral one also, but considering it's 0 degrees outside or something baltic, I think I should wait until summer. 

Does anyone else have a kimono? What print did you decide on?

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  1. Ooh it looks lovely! I really want a kimono too maybe I'll have to invest! Great post xx

  2. I love the lace trim on it! You look look gorgeous.

  3. I actually have a floral kimono and I love how versatile they are - they make plain dresses instantly more glam and can also be dressed down with jeans!

  4. You look so pretty. I love this kimono on you x

  5. Love your Kimono x

  6. hey sweetie, i've nominated you for a sunshine award as one of my favorite blogs!
    go over to my blog to see the rules!
    emma xxx

  7. Anonymous1/27/2014

    I'm a big fan of lace at the moment

    Just started following on Bloglovin!

    Ally x