The Perfect Chelsea Boots


Jumper - River Island / Necklace - Asos / Jeans - Topshop / Boots - Schuh 

For someone that prioritises bags over shoes, I've done very well at buying a gazillion pairs of shoes and no bags. Maybe i'm ill. Or maybe I've finally realised that the thin suede boots I purchased two years ago are no longer protecting my feet from the metre deep puddles I walk through daily. Or the 'not so noticable' hole in my loafers, is noticeably freezing the left side of my foot if I'm out for more than a few hours. I think, just this once, shoes had to be prioritised over bags. Just this once. 
This pair of leather chelsea boots are really thick, super comfortable and even give me an extra inch of height (every little helps). Whilst Schuh wouldn't always be my first shop of choice due to the price, they make pretty durable shoes and with a nice 10% off for students, it wasn't too bank-breaking. 
To finish my outfit off is my new jumper. I love anything fluffy at the moment, and this beautiful coral colour is perfect for the spring. It's also got shoulder pads which put me off at first, but I think it gives the jumper a really nice shape! I'm really excited to pair this with my new pastel coat  and be a bit colourful for once! 

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  1. Awesome outfit and super cool pics Loved :)

  2. you're so cute! lovely little outfit xx

  3. Such pretty outfit, I would love some Chelsea boots but I've yet to find a pair that fit my wide feet :)
    xxx Claire

  4. You look gorgeous Chlo, and that jumper is just so pretty! x

  5. Love how happy you look in these haha. Gorgeous jumper and boots!

    New follower :)


  6. Cute look! Can't go wrong with a good pair of chelsea boots!