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Cardigan - H&M / Scarf - Asos Marketplace / Top - New look / Necklace - Forever 21 / Boots - New Look

Girls share, it's a widely known fact. We share anything and everything, even when the gross-o-meter is way into the red ... don't pretend you've never borrowed someone's hairbrush or mascara. Hell, I've even borrowed a no VPL thong before, because that dress was anything but forgiving. 

Clothes are probably the most commonly shared thing, and why not? I don't think I'm alone in never being completely satisfied with my wardrobe. Even after exhausting that 25% discount code on Asos, 2 days later I'm left with that hungry feeling in my stomach, and it isn't for food. 

Sometimes though, it's pure envy. After all, those boots make her legs look so long, it must do the same to mine (even though said girl is 5"8, and I'm 6 inches smaller, in which every one of those deductible inches is taken from my legs) 

And sometimes it's just that none of my scarf's go with that cardigan, and at 15 degrees, I really do need a scarf... 

So here I am, guilty as charged, in a scarf that may look like mine, but was in fact purchased by my friend and housemate. She stores it in her room. She uses that delicious smelling washing powder on it that my clothes envy whenever the two of us come into contact. And she has the power to claim it back whenever she feels like it. But today, it was mine, and so I made the most out of it (see photos for proof). 

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  1. You look fab I love the cardigan. Loving the scarf too, such a classic look
    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog