Longer, Fuller Lashes in a Bottle?


I have to admit, I'm incredibly sceptical of anything that says that I can have longer, thicker eyelashes naturally. Just like I disbelieve that pills are going to make my thighs a desirable size 8, or serum that's going to fix all of my split ends (and trust me, there's a lot). But, however sceptical, I'll never turn down the opportunity to at least try a product. Recently a company called MayBeauty contacted me about their new eyelash serum. I looked at a few other blog posts, as well as the company website and read some incredible reviews. So from today, I'm starting to use this magic product to see if I can get any results. 

My eyelashes are very long anyway, but because I'm blonde they are also very thin and light. I'm hoping Maylash will help thicken them so that, without make-up, I can at least see my eyelashes a little more. 

These are the results that Maylash apparently create. It takes a good few weeks to get this effect, so I will use the product for a while before I post anything. I'm going to do similar 'before and after' pictures so watch this space for my results!

If you're just too ingrigued and don't want to wait, you can use my discount code 'chlo30' to get some money off your very own bottle :) 

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