Weekend Wearing Inspiration - with George


Coat - Link / Necklace - Link / Dress - Link / Underwear - Link 

A year ago, I'd never have dreamed of looking at George at Asda, but recently names such as George and F&F are becoming increasingly popular, and it's not hard to understand why. 
 I wanted to find some weekend outfit inspiration, and so started looking through their dresses.  This crepe dress grabbed my attention immediately, I love this colour at the moment and this style is so versatile. But being blonde, I'd need something to break up all that yellow, so I thought it would look great with a white coat worn open, the two colours looking really summery! 
 Chunky necklaces are a real love of mine at the moment, and this floral one is no exception. As the shift dress is plain, this necklace would bring a lot of detail to the outfit, especially if you were going for dinner or drinks!!
 And no outfit is complete without a gorgeous underwear set. I always think underwear can give you so much confidence, even though no-one can see it. The satin fabric of this set would allow the dress to fall over it beautifully, avoiding all of the embarrassing lumps and bumps that some bras would create! 

George will definitely be a bookmark on my computer now, as it's perfect for style on a budget. 

Is anyone else loving George at the moment? What do you think of their clothes?

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  1. I love this dress, so summery!! Really nice outfit pick x

  2. That dress is just so so pretty! x


  3. I'm loving George home-ware at the minute! That underwear set is gorgeous.