Interning with GQ Magazine #2


Top - Missguided / Skirt - Asos / Shoes - River Island / Necklace - Forever 21 

I feel like I'm interning for MI5. No, I don't mean there's Aston Martins parked outside, or underground gadget showrooms, or Piers Brosnan walking around (Sorry Daniel, you just don't do it for me). But because I'm can't discuss anything i've been doing in too much detail as we're working on the next couple of issues.

A lot of my time so far has been spent doing press returns, in which I am so grateful for my PR internship as it meant I could just get stuck in rather than be taught from scratch how to do everything. I've also been doing the bog standard emails and telephone calls, but I think that goes without saying in any internship. 

But the best bit so far has been researching people and subjects, as well as writing transcriptions from interviews. This has been really interesting as I've felt like I'm learning something and actually doing some journalism! And it means I've had a sneak peek into potential articles, as well as hearing exclusive interviews first hand. 

I wore this skirt this week. It's just from the Asos sale so was such a steal! I love their reclaimed vintage section at the moment, the patterns are so beautiful and I'm eyeing up their co-ord sets so much! But because this skirt was in the sale, I had to get it in the size up, and this meant as I was walking around London it kept turning round and the zip was at the front! Not a great look for someone that's trying to pose as being a professional! ;)  I paired it with my white River Island flatforms and a plain Missguided tee. I've really been enjoying wearing skirts to my internship, rather than jeans, so hopefully i'll have a few more, slightly different, outfits to show. 

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  1. Lovely outfit, interning is hard work but always worth it. Exciting stuff!