Figleaves Christmas Preview '14


Last week I was invited to attend the Figleaves Christmas Preview event at Claridges. I felt so strange, walking through those doors in a summery dress and sandals, feeling as though I should have worn heels and a ballgown. I was lead up to a suite where the event was taking place, and greeted by the smell of winter candles and Christmas decorations.

The whole event made me feel like this was my hotel room and my underwear...especially the walk in wardrobe with gorgeous pyjamas and underwear hanging from the rails. There were also rails in the bedroom and living room (can I call it the living room?) so I got a really good peek at what Figleaves will have to offer this Christmas.

I have to admit, I've never shopped at Figleaves. It's always been that tiny bit too expensive, but on looking at the underwear, I began to realise why. The detail in some of the bras, and the fabrics used made the sets so much more luxurious than what you'd think when looking at a picture on the website.

I was lucky enough to have a free bra fitting and take home the set I tried on. As always, I was a pretty difficult customer, as it turns out I was wearing completely the wrong bra size. Obviously different brands have different sizing, but I was really shocked to hear what I was meant to be wearing, and has urged me to think about going to get measured in a few other places where I buy my underwear from.

All in all it was a fab event, and I felt like a princess being able to walk around this gorgeous hotel suite and look at beautiful underwear sets. Thank you Wingfield PR, and Figleaves!


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  1. You look beautiful Chlo, sounds like you had a lovely time! x

  2. I can't say I've ever heard of Figleaves before but the whole event looks really lovely. Crazy how the talk of Christmas has come round so fast! Just discovered your blog and love it, now following via Bloglovin' :) x

    Bridie | Upon My Sleeve