Preparing for Autumn with Joules


Joules' wellies have always just done it for me. Their cute designs, out-there colours and reasonable prices have always put them above other brands such as Hunter, and means you're styling a slightly different look from every other person in England. But their wellies were as far as I looked and I had no idea how lovely their clothes were also. 

No Autumn wardrobe should be without a striped tee and so this wishlist is no exception.  I'd pair it with the mustard cardigan and a pair of black jeans for a casual day look. Then there's this horse-print tunic dress which is just the cutest thing. I can imagine it with a thick knitted cardi and chunky necklace. And then there's the wellies. These are my favourite with the little Bee print, mustard soles (I'm seeing a pattern here) and buckle detail. 

I definitely think Joules are a bit more of a country than city sort of brand, but their basics are perfect for Autumn and their prints are just too darn cute. 

Has anyone else checked out Joules' clothing before? 

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  1. I adore that striped tee, and the pattern of the dress is just so pretty x

  2. I've never heard of Joules' clothing, but i'm going to check it out now! I really love the country feel the clothes you've pictured have, they are so cute and i love the colours.

    Schnella Blog

  3. I love joules wellies, they have these awesome ones with ribbons. Great basics you rave picked