My Holiday Go-To Outfit


Top - Missguided / Skirt - New Look / Sandals - Primark

No, I have not had a sudden growth spurt in the last few weeks. Nor is this a normal functioning door. To be honest, I have no idea what its purpose was! I just thought it was cute. Story of my life really. 

This was taken on my recent holiday to Italy. I love dressing up nicely on holiday's but sometimes you just want some comfy shoes and a material that's not going to add to the list of reasons why you're sweating. 

Note to self: silk dresses cling a little too much in the heat. 

I love this red pleated skirt that I picked up in the sale for about £7. It's perfect for day and night and the detail means you can wear a plain tee without the outfit looking boring. I paired it with this Missguided one that I have worn all summer, and even thinking about buying it again incase something happens to this one! Now thats forward thinking... 

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  1. Gorgeous Chlo, such a stunner! x

  2. Gorgeous little skirt and a bargain too. That food is cute, I love finding little things like that on holidays