Feeling Autumnal


Top - H&M / Scarf - Urban Outfitters / Jeans - Topshop / Shoes - Office / Sunglasses - River Island / Necklace - H&M

I have so many stories about this outfit. The jumper was a classic case of ultimate internet scanning (no kidding, I'd say I looked at over 30 online stores). Of course, it's H&M, meaning all that effort went to waste because their website is s**t. 
The scarf I grabbed at our recent student lock in. It was like that scene in Friends where Monica, Rachel and Phoebe fight over the wedding dresses. Unfortunately no hair pulling or arm scratching took place. 
And then there's my shoes. My dad chose these for me when we went shopping before I came back to Uni. I have to admit, he is the best shopping partner I have ever had. He finds items that I would never usually pick, then finds something else that would co-ordinate with the previous item perfectly. He puts up with my slow-ass walk round shops, constant need for reassurance, and my desire to return to shops I've already purchased from. Basically, this blog should have his name accredited somewhere. So here is my appreciation Dad - Thank you for being my number 1 fashion advisor. I couldn't run this blog without you. 

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  1. Love this outfit, so simple but chic at the same time. It's so lovely that your dad goes shopping with you, my dad despises shopping and I don't think he's stepped foot in a womens clothes shop for around 15 years haha, I'm secretly jealous :)
    xxx Claire

  2. So beautiful Chlo, you look gorgeous! x


  3. I love your outfit and it is so sweet that your dad goes shopping with you, mine does too!
    Project Rattlebag x

  4. Great scarf, love that your dad goes shopping with you not your mum lol