It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Chirstmas


Picture the scene: it's Christmas morning and you're gathered round opening presents. You spot one that looks vaguely in the shape of that candle you've asked for, or one as delicate as that Victoria's Secret set you've been eyeing up since the show. The excitement is practically unbearable. You run over, grab it and tear away at that paper like there's no tomorrow. (And if you have a dog like mine, they tear at it that little bit more!) 
Ribbon is flying everywhere, scraps of paper covering the floor, you don't need that underwear and you need it now! And there it is, practically singing hallelujah at you - because it must be a miracle. What did the wrapping paper look like? Don't remember? Me neither. 

Despite this, every year we get so carried away with all things wrapping and sometimes spend as much on that as we do a present, and for what? So this year I've done wrapping on a budget...and you can't even tell. 

Brown paper is perfect for any present-giving occasion. It's cheap (I couldn't believe the prices in shops this year...£3.50 a roll? No thank you), and it's easy to accessorise. I got this paper and gift tags from the Card Factory, and the ribbon and reindeer paper from Paperchase. The ribbon came in a set and with my student discount, was cheaper than a roll of wrapping paper. You can also head to a haberdashery and get metres of the stuff for pennies! 
I also bought a sheet of this silver reindeer paper just to wrap the odd thing up for people with multiple presents, to make it that little bit more exciting. 

Note: Brown paper is also amazing if you're an eBayer. 

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