Frankie Diary 2015


The start of any new diary, journal or exercise book is the most exciting prospect for me. I remember in school I would be so eager to get a new book and plan the handwriting I was going to practise for it. Should I go italic this term? Maybe all swirly and girly? Or maybe very bubbly and neat with all the letters being perfectly parallel?

Each book would adopt a different handwriting trend; one that I thought could define me as a person. And each book would start super neat: spending minutes perfectly forming each letter; using rulers to underline; different pens for different was planned to a tea. Then, as the days wen't on, each book would start to get more and more scruffy and you'd vow to yourself never to allow it to happen again ...

I've gone through this cycle with my new 2015 diary. I have gold and pink gel pens, a beautiful biro to put in the holder and stickers to jazz up the pages I feel lack in something. I've also promised myself that I'd use this one, unlike last year when I got to March and thought remembering my plans would save a lot of time and effort.

But this diary MAKES me want to use it. The different themes for different months, the gorgeous typography, the handbag but still useable size...there's no reason why I wouldn't.

So along with my cliché resolutions this year to be healthier, happier, work hard, play harder...I also want to use my diary to be the most organised woman I could possibly be.

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  1. I used to have one last year, Frankie calendars are just beautiful.