The Nude Edition - M&S Lip Products


Nude lips have always been on trend. Theres something about that 'your lips but better' look that is perfect for the ultimate natural make-up. But with the introduction of lip liner (thanks Kylie Jenner) being the ultimate accessory, nude is now better than ever. It's perfect for day, and it's plumping and long-lasting for night. And after collecting over 10 shades, liner or lipstick, I have to admit that M&S products have been my favourite. (And no, this is not a sponsored post)

I love a pinky nude. When I'm not constantly sporting a tan, I find having my lips too brown can really wash me out. This is perfect for a subtle day look; it's not too pink so still looks very natural and the finish is just perfect.

The product glides on really well. It's almost like a balm but is so heavily pigmented, you barely have to use any before you have enough product on your lips. The finish is matt with a slight sheen which I love as I hate the shiny lip thing. It's also perfect for this time of year as it's so moisturising, meaning the horrible Northern wind isn't getting the best of me.

This lip pencil is slightly more pink in real life but I couldn't get it to show in my pictures. It's a simple liner but it's better than most others I've tried. The Collection 2000 ones don't apply very easily and my Gosh one is amazing, but I constantly feel I have to sharpen it. This has a very similar feel to the GOSH Velvet Touch liner, it applies easily and silky yet creates the perfect matte finish (but it doesn't run out so quick). 

The colour is amazing. It's the perfect combination between brown and pink, creating a darker lip look that again, is perfect day or night. At only four pound, you can't go wrong.

Again this shade is slightly more pink in reality, so apologies. 

As you can see from the swatch, this liner is a lot creamier than the Limited Collection Lip Liners. If anything, it's a little bit too creamy for a liner as it makes it difficult to apply even colour. Luckily the brush fixes this. It was the brush that won be over really as I always think lip product look better applied with a brush. 

The colour is a real combination between Pink Parfait and Loganberry. It's also the closest colour to my natural shade so creates a perfect base for any product I want to use over it. 

Who else is loving nude lips at the moment? 
It's rare that I do a beauty post so let me know if you'd like to see more of them! 

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  1. I didn't even realise that M&S had a beauty range, these colours look so perfect for an amazing nude lip! I'm obsessed at the moment with nude lips, and I've been looking for loads of mac dupes!

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