My Mango Knot Bag


Hat - Asos / Jacket & Jeans - Topshop / Top - H&M / Shoes - Office / Bag - Mango

Is double denim allowed if it's not it's the same shade?

This is one of my most heavily contested questions. Blue and white denim look nice. People wear blue denim shirts with black jeans...that also looks nice. Hey, I've even seen people wear two shades of blue denim together and it's looked amazing. But yes...they were models, they look amazing in everything. It would look very different if I attempted such a look.

But the real reason I love this outfit was for the bag. I am loving Mango at the moment, the prices are so reasonable and I find the clothes really elegant and minimal. I saw this bag on Instagram at first and just had to buy it. 

It's so much smaller than most of my other handbags...I think I can only fit about half my life in this one (but who says that is a bad thing? My back will definitely thank me in later years). The leather is beautiful and the inside is really spacious instead of being filled with lots of compartments, which is handy because it's that little bit smaller. Not so handy when I'm trying to find my keys though...

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  1. You look amazing, that bag is gorgeous! I must venture into Mango as it's not normally a store I go in :)
    xxx Claire

  2. This is such a sweet outfit, and your bag is gorgeous too girl x