My Weight Loss Journey - Losing 21lbs, Results with Lucy, Protein World and the Truth about Bootea

I am posting this not for praise, nor for acceptance, but to motivate/help anybody who feels as down about their body as I did 18 months ago. This is going to be a pretty rambley sort of post, so apologies for that! 


Oh my god...I hate that photo.

In December 2013, I weighed 10 stone 4lbs (about 66kg). I was a size 12 on the bottom, 10 in skirts and between an 8/10 on top. I am in no way saying that my weight was bad, but at 5 foot 2, I felt incredible heavy for my height. My doctor even told me that I was bordering on overweight, which was enough to get my motivation started. 

I began running in the January of 2014. I think I could run for about five minutes before feeling as though I was going to be sick, but at least it was getting me out and about. 

To this day, I can only run for about 15 minutes...I hate it. 

I also began Results with Lucy. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's an exercise website that you can sign up to, ran by Lucy Mecklenburg (A TOWIE Star). She and her trainer Cecilia post exercise videos and food plans for as little as 3 pound a week, so it's cheaper than most gym memberships. I lived pretty far away from a gym last year so I ran 3 times a week and did Results with Lucy most days. The videos are much more engaging than ones you can find on Youtube and whilst they are quite muscle focused, they get you so out of breath that it can definitely count as cardio!

During this time I also started eating better. I stopped snacking as much (nachos and fizzy laces were almost a daily habit at one point) and began having food such as omelettes and quorn chicken with cous cous to be slightly healthier. Breakfasts became berries and a low fat yoghurt, which I still think is delicious and really filling!   

I'm also a huge fan of green tea as I'm not too fond of the normal stuff. In fact, I'm convinced tea can solve all problems ... mint for bloatedness, camomile for sleeping problems, green for feeling ill or bad skin days! 

As I didn't have a set of scales throughout this whole time, I first weighed myself when I began the gym in September and was down to 9 stone 6, so in nine months that slowly shed 10lbs! Whilst it was progress, I wasn't really seeing any changes in my body. My stomach was slightly more defined and my bum perhaps slightly perkier...but that was all. 

I started the gym 4/5 times a week in September, when I returned to University, and unsubscribed from Results with Lucy. However, take aways and sociable meals out meant I didn't really start to lose weight until October. (I'll come back to the gym in a second). 


Photo taken from Instagram

I tried Bootea in March 2014 and whilst I agree with many of the reviews that it made me feel less bloated...I didn't see any other effects. Again, I didn't have a set of scales so I can't be certain, but I just don't think it really worked for me. 

Both teas tasted really good, the nighttime being a similar taste to mint tea. However, the bedtime cleanse didn't... well... cleanse me like it's supposed to. Not once did I feel the intended effect that the tea is meant to have, which was strange as the reviews that I had read prior to purchase all mentioned how much of a bitch it could be! 

In November 2014 I started Bootea again. I was desperate to see if going to the gym 4/5 times a week and eating a bit better encouraged the tea to work a little more. I was losing about 1lb a week at this point anyway...and this continued that throughout my Bootea experience. It didn't aid my weightloss in any way ... but I did really enjoy the taste! 

I can't comment on the Bootea Shake but if it's anything like Protein World's Slender Blend, I'd be willing to give it a try! 


Over my Christmas holidays I tried to maintain my exercise as much as possible without a gym. I could remember a lot of the videos from RWL so tried to do these most days alongside going jogging or using our exercise bike. Upon returning to University, I hadn't put on any weight, but I hadn't lost any. 

Protein World
Photo taken from Instagram

My Protein World journey began in January. My flatmate had used the chocolate slender blend before which I HATED, and had decided to buy the vanilla. I tried it on one of my first nights back and loved the taste! It really reminded me of a vanilla milkshake ... and well, I have no problem drinking that every day. 

I bought a tub and halved it with my friend as we didn't want to waste our money too much if it didn't work.  Supplementing two meals a day, alongside going to the gym 5/6 times a week (doing about 30 mins of cardio and 20 of muscles), I began losing 2lbs a week. 

Of course, it's ridiculously hard to keep up supplementing two meals a day as circumstances don't always allow for you to do so, and after my first week it went down to losing about 1.5lbs a week. I was really impressed with this considering I was still having between 2/3 unhealthy days a week! 

I have to say, after three months and two tubs, I am slightly fed up with the taste of Slender Blend (but that's bound to be the case with anything). I also really can't be bothered blending fruit with it as my blending skills are beyond shocking. The last time I tried, my drink had more lumps than a vegetable soup. 


So for the last month I've been getting up early and going to the gym 6 times a week. I do about half hour cardio (usually cross trainer and stepper) and half hour muscles (this includes arms, legs, glutes and abs). I had to start going early as uni work was getting pretty heavy and it was the only time I could fit it in. I know 6 times a week sounds really ruthless, but I find it really hard to lose weight anyway so unfortunately it's just a necessary step. It was horrible at first, waking up an extra 90 minutes early to go to the gym, but after time it became normal and I no longer struggled to get out of bed. Now, I feel horrible the days that I can't do it. It's true what they say, that exercise really does have such a positive effect - mentally and physically. I also sleep a lot better than I used to! 

I still supplement my meals but only one a day now rather than two. I still try to eat low calorie options (my favourite being weightwatchers soups for lunch! They practically have nothing in them, yet taste amazing and really fill you up. I sometimes add a slice of granary...just to be a bit exciting). 

I'm currently home for Easter and without my trusty gym, but am trying to maintain my exercise with a little bit of cardio and muscle workouts. I just figure that doing something to get my heart rate up is better than nothing. 

I'm now down to 8 stone 9 which is about 56kg. I've lost 21lbs in total and dropped a dress size. I want to lose a bit more, especially on my legs which is the place I carry all of my weight, but that doesn't mean I'm not happy with my results. I even bought a pair of white trousers recently (that you can see above)...which I have never felt comfortable wearing before. I still felt slightly conscious that night, but it was a great feeling knowing that I had worked hard to fit in to them. 

I hope this post has helped someone, either by motivating them or just setting a few facts straight about weight loss products. I'm really happy to do a post about my meals or exercise routines should anyone be interested! And if you have any tips or advice for me, I'd love to hear it! 

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  2. I loved reading your journey, I feel like there's nothing hat helps me and I don't know how these people are loosing weight with bootea. I guess it boils down to working your ass off, you look amazing In both photos by the way x x

  3. Congrats, Chloe, I know how hard it is to lose weight - and I must be honest I'm a little obsessed with that - and you made it! This is really motivational and I hope you can continue your journey!
    As it's important to me, I'm preparing loads of posts about it on my blog > < if you want to check! :)

    Love, Cami xx

  4. You have just given me so much inspiration honey!! Congrats on the amazing transformation! I actually just posted my first blog post on my weight journey last week. I'll have to adapt some of your methods to what I do because losing this weight is so damn hard :( Keep it up!! You've gained a follower :)

  5. You look amazing both before and after but congratulations! You've made me really want to get in shape ready for the summer :)


  6. You've done sooo well! I love reading about people's progress and it motivates me to try and eat healthier and exercise more but I just have so little self discipline. This has definitely encouraged me to give it another go though because of all the positive aspects of changing your lifestyle!


  7. Amazing transformation! You look fantastic. Hope to see more updates!!

    (ps I use protein world and have a blend active blender. It requires barely any effort and makes fantastic smoothies combined with the slender blend and can be great meal replacements. Should definitely try it!)

    Franki x

  8. Well done chick, you look great. Nice to see you did it sensibly over time not with any crazy diets

  9. You look amazing, well done for sticking at it!


  10. Well done, Chlo! I've enjoyed reading about your journey and you've motivated me to stick at my fitness journey. I was on Bootea too, but like you, found that it didn't aide my weight loss. I guess I have to give Protein World a go!
    All the best with the rest of your health journey!

  11. Massive well done. :)

    Sheree xx

  12. Wow Chloe!!!! Well done love :) Very impressive. I've been doing weekly updates and its incredible how motivating it is. I've not tried Protein World, but I'm doing the same thing with Juice Plus and it's made such a difference. The bloating has gone, which is major for me as I could easily look pregnant. Keep it up, I've found this through your latest update and so pleased I did. Looking forward to following you on the rest of your journey!

    Lauren - bylaurenjane

  13. You are amazing. Such an inspirational person! Hope to go as far as you did :) Keep it up

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  17. Im just like you! Im 5"2 but weigh 12st 3lbs and want to lose some weight, what method out of the one's you mentioned would you say was the most effective (losing the most weight) as I've got at least 3/4 stone to lose! Obviously I know this will take a while but it would help if the pounds came off at a good rate!

    Anna from

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