My Weight Loss Journey: Losing 21lbs - The Next Step

Due to the amount of interest my last weight-loss post received, I thought it might be nice to write a little update. 

After my Easter break, I'm now back at University to finish my degree. Luckily this means back to the gym!

However, over Easter I was diagnosed with a very common condition called Plantar Fasciitis which basically causes pain in your feet. It's easy to recover from - if you rest. This means my cardio is now limited which is incredibly frustrating. The most I can do is row, as even the cross trainer causes me pain. I've still been doing muscle work, but I feel like I'm taking a step backwards instead of forwards.

Myprotein contacted me after my last post, asking if I would like to try their products. As a very big fan of Protein World, I felt like I was cheating them slightly, but agreed to try the Diet Whey shake and an Oats and Whey Bar.

They sent me the Cookies and Cream flavour (after loving and still using the vanilla Slender Blend, I wanted to try something different). 

Photo taken from Instagram 

The texture is slightly thicker than Protein World and a lot lumpier (something I'd read prior to trying it). Luckily, due to the flavour, I've convinced myself the lumps are bits of cookie and it's incredibly drinkable. The flavour itself is also lovely, especially in the evening if you're after a sweeter taste. However in the mornings I'm still loving my vanilla Slender Blend as it's not as rich for breakfast.

I was also sent the raspberry Oats and Whey bar from Myprotein. This was possibly the best snack bar I've ever had. Really. It was really soft and the flavour was incredible. It kept me full for a few hours too which I was impressed with.

I've only been on Myprotein a week now but I am enjoying it. Using it in conjunction with Protein World has been really enjoyable, and I don't know how I'll ever choose one when they both run out (maybe I'll just continue with both).

As for now, it's light exercise and healthy eating! My graduation ball is in 4 weeks, so my motivation is high! 

Stay tuned to see if my weight loss continues, and again if you'd like any work-out information or meal ideas, just let me know!! 

*Disclaimer - This is a personal blog and all thoughts and words are my own. They do not represent any particular company or brand.

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  1. I looove My Protein! I'm using the strawberry one at the mo and it's delish!

  2. I had plantar faciatus - I was in agony and on crutched for 3 weeks. I hope you're okay hun. Well done on the weight loss hun, I'm trying to do the same. It's nice to see others do it. :)

    Sheree xx

  3. I used to use the Cookies and Cream too :) I'm now on Juice Plus which I love. Good luck for the rest of your journey and well done so far!!

    Lauren - bylaurenjane