Get Ready For Summer with Mira, Molton Brown and Macadamia


Showers were always something I hated when I was younger. The same as brushing my teeth I guess; it always seemed like a chore rather than something I could actually enjoy. Then came my teenage years, where the 30 minute showers began and I started to appreciate the 'me time'. Unfortunately, since moving house I have returned to disliking showers. My shower head is pretty naff; one setting, barely any water comes out and it doesn't even cover my whole body so I end up having to do half of my body at a time.

I was actually mid-moan when I received an email from the lovely people at Talented Talkers asking if I'd collaborate in a 'get ready with me' style post, with Mira, Molton Brown and Macadamia. I couldn't say no!

The shower head was like the holy grail when I opened the box (there was even that golden operatic tune playing in my head). It has 4 water settings, a really big surface area and a 360 degree head so you can tilt it how you like. I couldn't wait to try it!

Unfortunately it was only for hose showers (something that mine wasn't) and so I am still figuring out a way to try this. It's almost teasing me, saying 'you could have the best shower with me, if only you could use me'. I'm absolutely gutted. It's definitely got me looking for a shower head that would fit mine though, and the Mira website is full of amazing ones!  

 Luckily I could still try my other goodies. I always think Summer is the best time to use your nicest products as your skin isn't hidden under 5 layers of clothing! I'd never even thought to look at Molton Brown for shower products (to me, they were always just the elite hand wash). I received the Pink Pepperpod Body Wash and the Pink Pepper Body Polish.

 The smell of both of these products is insane! The scrub was really gentle on my skin as the beads were not too big which is always a bonus, and the body wash left my skin feeling so soft! Plus I could still smell it a couple of hours later which is great for the clammy summer months.

My last goodie was a Macadamia Deep Repair Mask for my hair. Even though I always look for products that have Macadamia oil in them, I've never actually tried this brand. The smell is quite an average hair product smell (if you catch my gist) but the effects were incredible. It's simple to use: just apply to it clean, wet hair and rinse after 7 minutes. My hair felt so soft (and looked so shiny!)

After a shower, there's nothing better than getting into a big fluffy robe and doing your make-up. Minimal skin products, long eyelashes and pink/nude lips is definitely my go-to summer look, mixing it up with a bold lip for the evening. 
I also love having loose, beachy waves (or as close as I can get to that) in the summer for that really relaxed and minimal look! I used a big barrelled curling tong to achieve this look.

As I was going out for a few drinks, I kept my outfit really simple and threw on my favourite lightweight coat and clutch. I may not have been in a pretty summery dress, but I definitely felt ready for summer with soft hair, soft skin and smelling like Pink Pepperpods (whatever the hell they are!)

Has anybody tried Mira shower heads or any of these other products? How do you like getting ready for summer? 

*This box was provided for me to review however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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