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Launching back in April, Nailbox is a monthly subscription box containing three or four nail polishes and one or two nail tools. It is delivered around the 21st of each month and aims to keep Britons on top of the latest nail trends. Like most monthly subscription boxes, the contents of the package remain a mystery until delivery, so it almost feels like a present every month.

It is delivered in a simple cardboard box but for the price (£15 a month but if you subscribe for longer periods of time it is cheaper), I think you are really getting your money's worth without the packaging needing to be fancy. Considering some of these polishes are around the 8 pound mark on their own, I'm really impressed that the cost of the box is so low.

This was May's Nailbox, with beautiful pastel colours and an Orly glitter polish that is actually sold out everywhere right now! I don't know if I'd actually wear the latter, but 3 out of 4 isn't bad!

I know a lot of people really enjoy monthly subscription boxes and getting to see new products first hand, and this box is no exception. I particularly love how you get a nail tool provided, as I think they are often forgotten about and can really make a difference to your manicure.

Has anybody heard of or tried Nailbox? Would you subscribe?

*This box was provided for me to review however all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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