Myprotein Review: Losing 23lbs and keeping it off!


Those of you who read my last post in the 'My Weight Loss Journey' series, will know that Myprotein sent me their Cookies and Cream Impact Diet Whey to review a while back. I breifly touched on the subject in my last post which you can find HERE, but with finishing my degree and starting work, I was unable to review it to a standard I was satisfied with. I've now purchased their Low Calorie Meal Replacement in Vanilla, so will touch on both products in this post. I also have the SmartShake bottle and absolutely love it, so will talk about this at the end of the post :) 

I must state that I had lost a lot of weight before trying these products, and where Protein World worked really well for me, I strongly believe that it wouldn't have worked so well if I had already lost the excess weight. 

Impact Diet Whey - Cookies and Cream

I began using this product in conjunction with Protein World as I still had some left to use. I had a Protein World shake in the morning and the Impact Diet Whey (Myprotein) in the evenings, whilst going to the gym most days. I was losing a steady 1lb a week doing this. To me, that doesn't seem like much as I was used to losing up to 2lbs a week, but like i've said, I had already lost that excess weight so it was becoming much harder.

I wanted to start focusing on my muscles a lot more at the gym and the Impact Diet Whey is packed with protein to help this. I began doing 2 shakes a day whilst going to the gym about 6 days a week and can honestly say that I started to notice definition in my legs and arms quite quickly.


The cookies and cream flavour is actually delicious, and sometimes I feel like I'm having a dessert rather than a protein shake, so I couldn't fault it at all. As previously mentioned, the texture can be quite lumpy but I really have convinced myself these are little bits of cookie (hey, maybe they are!)

Weight Loss

I think with moving home, finishing my degree and all my other lifestyle changes currently underway, the weight loss has been quite slow and when my exercise started to take a back seat, I found that this product wasn't aiding weight loss at all. 

Overall thoughts

I really like this product and I think if you are a gym-goer then it's great for working those muscles! I wouldn't recommend this product if you're purely trying to lose weight without wanting to tone up too much, as I think it works best in conjunction with exercise.

Low Calorie Meal Replacement - Vanilla

After loving the Vanilla Protein World shake, I decided to try this alternative from Myprotein. I opted for a meal replacement shake as after moving home, i've really neglected the gym as i'm commuting into London 5 days a week. I'm still exercising when I can and doing some basic muscle training, but as I have no real time to fit in rigorous exercise, a high protein shake wasn't the best option for me.


The taste isn't terrible but I have to admit, it's not my favourite. The texture is also quite lumpy - similarly to the Impact Diet Whey - so I have to blend this product if I want to use it. However, I've been having this for breakfast with milk, ice, strawberries and bananas and the taste is amazing. The vanilla flavour really goes well with the fruit and fills me up for hours. 

Weight Loss

I'm not being overly strict with my diet at the moment and have noticed between 00.5lb - 1lb weight loss a week on this product. Some weeks I don't lose anything, but I also don't put it on so for me, this product is absolutely perfect for what I want right now as the last thing I want is this change in lifestyle to undo all of my hard work. I want to get back on to my healthy train ASAP, but it's just not overly feasible for me right now. 

Overall thoughts

I really like this product but the unfortunately I just dislike the taste. My sister is using the strawberry one and really likes that, so maybe it's just the vanilla letting the side down.

SmartShake Bottle

I love love love this bottle. 

I've always forgotten to order the bottles with Myprotein and Protein World, so have had a couple of random ones now. The first was a PHD bottle of Amazon which had a metal ball in it to smooth out any lumps when shaking. It was a great bottle but I don't feel like the ball did much and it wasn't very pretty! (Come on, to us girls, this matters!)

The next one was a Nike bottle that I picked up from TKMAXX. It had a filter in the lid to help combat lumps and it really did help! However, the bit attached to where you drink from (no technical terminology here, sorry!) often got in the way when using the bottle or dripped on my face! The bottle also leaked a little when I shook it, so I got rid of this ASAP.

I then picked up this SmartShake bottle from TKMAXX. It has 3 compartments; 1 for the drink, 1 for supplements and 1 for putting more powder in. The nozzle (is that right?) has a really air-tight closure lid meaning I have this rolling around in my bag and it doesn't leak at all! It has measurement units on the side too which is really helpful. The thing I love most, however, is the third compartment where you can store more powder. I often take my breakfast smoothie to have on the train or in the office, so I love having somewhere to put more powder for lunch if that's what I fancy having. 

You can also isolate the bottle without any compartments or just one which makes it super easy for travelling.

Has anybody used any of these products? Would you recommend something else from Myprotein? 
Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. You've done so well, it can be difficult getting to the gym when life gets in the way. I might have to invest in the smart shaker for my post workout shake as It have the PhD one too and the ball really doesn't do much like you said!

  2. I'm looking to start this myself with My Protein Vanilla Cookie flavour, not sure whether I'll like it though. Thanks for the info! x

  3. Love your sports wear! Where is it all from?x