Viking #EmergencyHappiness


Viking are on a mission to make people smile and bring happiness - a campaign that I couldn't help wanting to be a part of.
Viking previously ran a campaign for World Happiness Day, creating a printer that prints out cheerful pictures and messages (how cute!?). Now, they are creating these #EmergencyHappiness packages filled with little gifts to bring a smile to your face. Because let's face it, we all have those days where life just gets the better of us and we need a little pick me up, be it a nice message from someone, some comfort food (nachos anyone?) or some trashy show so you can focus on someone else's problems for 45 minutes (Oh I know i'm not the only one that does that!)

The idea behind this box is to show how easy it is to spread a little happiness. Included is:
- A wooden chest packed with tea and biscuits - perfect for that treasured tea break.
- Your lucky bag. This has a lucky penny, eternal happiness dust to remind you that every cloud has a silver lining and a Lotto Hotpicks tickets - because what could bring a smile to your face more than winning tons of lovely dosh! 
- Two bee-shaped seed papers to spread natural happiness.
-A pack of pencils and stamp kit - perfect for writing letters and reminding your loved ones how much you care.
-Post-it notes to leave happy messages or thoughts around your house.
- A balloon to lift you up when you are down (Viking has full ownership of that pun, unfortunately).
-Sweets (does that need an explanation?)

And best of all, located at the bottom of your #EmergencyHappiness package is bubble wrap. I'm saving that for a rainy day!

If you tweet @Viking-Chat using the hashtag #EmergencyHappiness, and tell them why you deserve a box, you could have a chance of winning your very own! You can also find out more information about the campaign HERE. So get tweeting, and share some happiness! :) 

*This product was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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