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It's been my absolute mission to find a chocolate shake/meal replacement that I actually like, so when MaxiNutrition contacted me about trying some of their products, I knew exactly what to go for. Immediately I was impressed; a bottle came free with my order ( most companies charge you extra for them) and the delivery was incredibly quick (I think it was 2 days).

I decided to try the Sculptress meal replacement shake as I find them easier to incorporate into my lifestyle as I can have them for lunch when I'm in the office. Designed to help support weight loss, I hoped this would be the kick I needed to get me back on my health kick. 


At first I was a little disappointed with the taste. Not only was it quite bitty, but also quite sickly. Luckily I stuck with it and found it more pleasant by the mouthful. As the week went on, I started to really enjoy the taste and almost thought of it as a guilty pleasure because it felt like I was getting my chocolate fix, when really it was good for me!


I'm sticking to doing home exercise at the moment using my own strength and weights, rather than cardio, so during my Sculptress trial I did 3 half hour sessions of exercise a week which is pretty normal for me. 
I tried replacing one meal a day using the product but unfortunately life got in the way a little and I probably only did it 4-5 times a week for the last two weeks. If I had more of a routine in my working life, I think I would have stuck to it more but living out of a bag/commuting 3 hours a day definitely didn't help me stick to it! 

I find motivation is definitely something I've struggled with since starting work and commuting. I find that because I have very little downtime, I want to be chilling out in the evenings or seeing my friends, rather than dedicating that time to the gym. MaxiNutrition have a great article on 'How to Increase Mental Strength' for the Rugby World Cup, which got me thinking about ways I could increase my mental strength to help me achieve my goals. The article talks about being prepared and visualising your success and I think these are really helpful pieces of advice. 

Preparing your meals or getting your gym bag/routine sorted is definitely something that helps with motivation as when you get up in the morning, there's less to do and so it's easier to stick to your fitness routine! Visualising your success is also a great thing to do; whether it's imagining yourself at the gym with those positive endorphins running through your body, or challenging your usual reps with the dumbells, or even imagining that end goal getting closer and closer, it's a powerful mental trick to keep your mental state strong!

Personally I love Pinterest for keeping me motivated. Not only can I find new exercises and guides through looking at fitness boards, but I can also stare at my dream body all day...that jealousy definitely gets me in the right frame of mind.


The shake filled me up for about 2/3 hours before I found myself getting hungry again. I don't think this is too bad considering sometimes I can have pasta for lunch and before work is through, my stomach is rumbling. It also meant that snacking was easier as the snacking calories combined with the Sculptress equivalated to my usual lunchtime meal by itself, so it was definitely a good way to stay healthier during the day. 

In terms of the weight loss, I didn't see a massive result. I lost a pound in the first week which I was pleased with as I have found my weight to really stay the same the last few months. The second week's weigh-in was the same as the first, so at least I didn't put any back on! 
I think if I used the product a little more and tried to be a little more active, I definitely would have seen better results with this product as the first weeks results showed me it had hope. I also became less bloated on this product - which is usually a standard for most meal-replacement shakes.

Overall Thoughts

I really like this product. Not only was I impressed with the service, but also the taste. I loved how the tub also included some daily meal guides to help you on your weight-loss journey...those extra touches are great in making me want to use the product again. I'm definitely going to carry on with this product and hopefully lose a little more weight-I'll keep you guys updated! 

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