The Primal Pantry Bars - Review


Every day, one question arises repetitively that I have to try and answer - what shall I have as a snack? My greedy belly immediately screams "CRISPS, YOU LOVEEEEE CRISPS" and I have to put my body in combat mode to settle with a cereal bar or piece of fruit that I really don't enjoy that much. Working in an office, it's hard to come prepared with lunch, snack and drink alternatives to what is sold on the high street - too much preparation time and not enough handbag storage will leave you in the lurch a little. There are some alternative fruit bars that I've been reaching for, but I'm yet to find something that will keep my hunger at bay and leave a pleasant taste in my mouth.

The Primal Pantry has been produced to support a Paleo diet, and includes 'high quality, tasty and simple ingredients, devoid of synthetic fillers, sweetening syrups or over processed fruit purees.' 

Paleo is still a bit of a foreign concept to me. I understand that it is healthier, more natural food that's easier for our bodies to digest, but that's about as far as my research has gone. The Primal Pantry have a great page that helps explain it HERE. But basically, these bars are an incredible healthy snack to put in your bag. 


I was sent three flavours to try which all had a solid consistency. I really liked this as it meant no mess and felt like I was eating something quite substantial. If anybody has tried Nakd bars and enjoyed them, then you'll definitely like these.

1. Apple and Pecan - Didn't get much of the apple taste coming through but did get a lot of the pecan which was lovely. 
2.Coconut and Macadamia - My favourite bar that I tried. Loved the texture and flavour of the coconut coming through and made me feel like I had bitten in to a cheeky Bounty.
3.Brazil Nut and Cherry - The cherry was slightly absent in this flavour but got a great taste of the Brazil nuts which I happen to love, so this bar was a winner 


I loved these bars! I feel like the flavours were slightly lacking, but they still tasted great and most importantly, filled me up for a few hours between breakfast and lunch. The Coconut and Macadamia flavour was definitely my favourite as it really felt like a guilty pleasure, even though I had 0 to be guilty about! They are the perfect size, travel-friendly and mega healthy - what's not to like?

You can buy these bars in Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Ocado, or go to The Primal Pantry website :) 

Oh...and if you want £5 off an order from their website, the code is "primalfive"...just thought I'd slip that one in there...

*PR Samples sent for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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  1. I love these bars and the Coconut and Macadamia is my favourite I always pick one up when I see them :)