The 2016 Updated Gym Kit


If there's one bandwagon I'm jumping on to currently, it's the one encompassing all things gym-kit. Having now got a full-time job and a sort-of routine that enables gym to be a part of, workout clothes are fast becoming my new favourite pieces to buy. 

As far as fashion is concerned, it's pretty hard to look stylish at the gym; you're sweaty, you need ultimate comfort and support, you're without make-up...sometimes. But there are times where I look over at someone and think 'yeh, she looks good', and it's not just the person in question's six-pack popping from underneath her sports bra that provokes such a thought. 

I always stick with black leggings for the bottom - prints make me look bigger and it's easier to find ones that fit my little legs. I have spotted this fab pair on Oysho though that are still black, but I love how the little bit of colourblock adds some interest. 

But because I keep the bottom fairly plain, I like something a bit more interesting on top. At the moment I'm really enjoying t-shirts as I don't feel really exposed when doing weights and they keep me that tiny bit warmer when travelling to and from the gym. Stellasport (Or Stella McCartney at Adidas) is my absolute favourite for gym tops (See Above Photo). I love the colours, the logos, the fit, and the price points! The sale stuff is even incredible! 

Pink Soda is a brand I'm also loving at the moment. At first I was a bit weary of the name but I've been converted! The prints are really fun, the materials are gorgeous and again, it's really reasonably priced. 

My last favourite comes in the form of my KALE hoodie. Because if I want to be like anyone at the gym, it has to be Beyonce. I nabbed this one from Etsy HERE  and I have not taken it off (apart from on the step machine. God do I need to take it off). 

Other than that, it's my Nike trainers, Adidas water bottle and Amazon foam roller that sits in my gym bag. I still feel like I want more and more gym stuff, but for now I think I'll hold fire (especially because I have another Stella top being delivered this week). 

What are you currently loving for the gym? 


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