How I Cleared Up My Skin - Getting rid of spots and keeping them away


I've never had amazing skin. Blemishes, spots and pigmentation are constant battles for me. I'm fortunate enough to have never suffered with acne, but I've had the spots that make-up can't cover, or that stay for weeks, and can fully understand how much it can knock your confidence. Whether its one problem area or five, it really can take a toll on how you feel about yourself. 

Last year it got a whole lot worse, and even my trustee Estee Lauder Double Wear couldn't make me feel any better about my skin. I even went as far as to try tea that claims to help, as well as taking over-the-counter 'Acne Relief' tablets, hoping it would offer some cure to my problem. Unfortunately nothing of this nature worked, and so my quest for good skin continued.

Things I've Tried 
After trying the tablets and tea, I decided to buy into a proper cleansing routine. Cleanser, toner and moisturiser - all from Garnier. I used the Micellar Water instead of a cleanser which I loved, but the toner (something I can never see much benefit from) and the moisturiser were pretty average. In fact, I felt like they actually made my skin worse. Whether it was some of the ingredients in the product or just the fact I was using more, it wasn't helping in the slightest. 

Then I read about the Origins Spot Remover Gel and even though it was on the pricier side, I thought I had to invest. It's one of those gels that stings when you first put it on, but dries out any spots that you may have. I noticed that it definitely helped reduce my spots a lot, but because it was so drying, that they wouldn't actually disappear from my face for some time and make-up struggled to cover the dry skin. It's a product that definitely made a difference, but not one I'd invest in again.

Lemon Water
I swear by this. My best friend used to drink hot lemon water every night and her skin was flawless, so it wasn't long before I adopted this into my daily routine. I didn't notice much of a difference at first but now, when I don't have my lemon water for a few days, I notice a real difference in my skin. I actually feel like it keeps spots at bay! Lemon water has so many health benefits as well so I feel like it's an all round good addition to my daily routine.

Double Cleansing (Or even Triple) 
The one problem with Double Wear is that it is so heavy-duty. 4,5,6 cleansing pads later, the foundation is still very much present on my face. I began thinking this was causing my break outs and upped my cleansing to around 9/10 cotton pads, but I still wouldn't feel like my face was clean. I then read about oil based cleansers and decided to invest - purely because a lot of people said it really helps lift the make-up off your skin. The below picture shows my in-shower routine in which I use my body shop oil first and then my Frank Body cleanser with my Clarisonic Mia 2. Frank Body are an amazing all natural brand from Australia (whose Instagram is seriously funny!) and are most famous for their coffee scrub. The transformations that women go through using their products are unbelievable! 
The Clarisonic Mia also gets a big thumbs up from me. I got it at Christmas and use it about 4-5 times a week (It still hasn't needed charging!). I love how I can use it in the shower as well so I can clean it there and then! 
Once I'm out the shower, I double check all my makeup is off with my Micellar water but after cleansing in the shower, there's usually not a speck in sight! 

La Roche Posey
This brand have saved me. Seriously, if there's one thing you take from this post, it should be that La Roche Posey are the holy grail of skincare. I started off with the Effacular A.I which is a targeted cream that you only put on spots or blemishes. It doesn't include alcohol which means its non-drying and is just better for your skin in general. I noticed my spots reduced dramatically and basically overnight, and now it gets rid of any spots before they have the chance to get ugly.
Recently I started to use the Effacular Duo as well. This is more of a cream that you put all over the face which I like as it feels like I'm preventing any spots or blemishes appearing in unexpected places. It's super moisturising and I've noticed a severe decrease in redness and old spot scars on my face since using this (The Clarasonic also really helps this as it removes old skin cells much like an exfoliator). 

I also use the Serozinc toner by La Roche Posay that is super easy to spray on your face as a step before your creams. Then, when I'm feeling like I don't need any skin treatment, my Frank Body moisturiser comes out to play to give my skin some hydration, all the while knowing that it isn't going to break me out.

I really hope this post has helped some people or given you some inspiration to try some new products. I know that I use quite a lot now but due to many of the products being from the same brand, I don't feel like my skin is too weighed under with different ingredient. Has anyone else used La Roche Posay? Are there any other products I really need to try?

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  1. Great post, love to try The body soap chamomile cleaning. xoxo

  2. Great post, love to try The body soap chamomile cleaning. xoxo