Mule Life


Top - New Look / Jeans - Asos Petite / Bag - Next / Shoes - Office

Before purchasing mules for the first time, there was a few worries I had about the practicality of such a shoe:
 1. My foot would fall out (especially whilst driving, or get caught underneath a pedal).
 2. The suede on most of them would ruin instantly by our glorious English weather.
 3. The severity of exposure my heel would face would disgust every human being that was to glance in such a direction - for someone that's so prone to blisters, my heels are somewhat ruined. Then again, backless shoes mean no blisters - I guess it's a catch 22. 

Surprisingly however, driving has not been an issue, our heatwave has preserved the suede and my heels, well, it's nice to have some breathing space.

Has anyone else invested in a pair of these? 


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  1. Oh this is lovely Chlo, such a pretty outfit x

  2. Such a cute outfit, I love those mules but never really thought I'd pull them off myself! xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture