The Eyeshadow Edit - Summer 2016


Eyeshadow makes me think back to Year 7, when me and my friends would make ourselves up as much as we could get away with on a Friday (there's clearly a lot of people to impress at a girl's school). We'd curl our hair like Poodles, and adopt the trendiest of make-up styles. My favourite of the latter had to be the day I blended pink and blue eyeshadow on my lids - I clearly had technique at a real young age.

Thankfully, the power of nudes came into play and I can experiment on a daily basis without looking like I'm in a pantomime. I've tried so many brands, from No.7 to Collection 2000, Revolution and Urban Decay, and have narrowed down my favorites for this year.

The first has to be my trusty MAC palette. Since the birth of blogs, I've wanted to build my own palette but due to the price, have always shied away and bought other brands instead (so many in fact, that I may as well have just bought this in the first place!) and I'm so glad that I finally own it!! The fallout is minimal, they are really pigmented and best of all, you pick all your own colours so there will never be one you don't use!
From left to right.
First Row: Blanc Type, Grain, All That Glitters, Hello There (I depotted this from their Flamingo Park collection)
Second Row: Texture, Woodwinked, Expensive Pink, Girlie
Third Row: Embark, Sable, Antiqued, Coppering and Amber Lights

Next up are the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmorise cream eyeshadows. Oh my god. These are the creme de la creme (see what I did there?). The formula is incredible buttery, a little goes such a long way and they last all day. You can even apply liquid liner on the top and it doesn't run or smear - a problem I find with a lot of cream eyeshadows. They also blend perfectly with other colours, so this Jean (the lighter shade) and Mona Lisa (darker) combo are the duo.

Lastly is my Zoeva Nude Spectrum palette, that I treated myself to last week. The colours are similar to the ones in my MAC palette, but I've found that copper shades and slightly warmer browns are harder to find in MAC but it's something this palette does brilliantly. It's also super lightweight which makes it perfect to pop in your overnight bag. Even the outside is gorgeous-having a velevety texture and light-reflecting details. It's also incredibly well priced, considering the quality of the shadows.

Zoeva are definitely becoming a new favourite of mine - their brushes are on another level and after this palette, I have high hopes for the rest of their collection!

Does anyone have any other must have eye shadows? Have you tried any of the above?


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  1. Gorgeous picks, the Zoeva palette is stunning1 I've been loving Makeup Geek Eyeshadows recently, especially one called Grandstand :)
    xxx Claire