My Favourite Exercise Videos and YouTube Channels



I love this channel for any sort of exercise video. They do a really good selection of shorter ones if you're in a rush, longer ones focused on one particular area, and they even offer a sort of program that gives you day by day videos. I love doing these at home and then taking some of the exercises to the gym too! Here's some of my favourite videos at the moment:

Arms: LINK


Butt: LINK


I've not explored this channel too much, but they have a section on there called 'Pilates with Cassie Ho'. This is really different to other videos or going to the gym, so I like it if I feel I'm getting bored of certain exercises or being too repetitive. 

I've linked the playlist with all Pilates with Cassie Ho videos HERE. 


I love everything about Joe Wicks (AKA the Body Coach). I love his Snapchat, I love his Instagram...
...In fact, I'm kind of obsessed.

Not only does he make easy, healthy meals, but provides a new way to work out (for me anyway) using HIIT. It's high intensity training and he does 20 minutes a day and looks incredible! He's definitely one to follow for daily motivation :) He offers programs that you can pay for which have incredible results, or you can just get some inspiration from his Youtube and Instagram, or his books.

These are two video's I'm loving at the moment...

HIIT and Abs: LINK

HIIT and Lower body: LINK


Now, I can't do this post without mentioning Results with Lucy. I got into this a while back and paid for a subscription each month. (Full review HERE...)

There are lots of different programs you can buy, student packages or just a basic monthly fee to access videos. You can make playlists, search by what area you want to work and overall it's just an incredible site. The videos are really fun and they taught me a lot about what exercises I can do for each part of my body. 

What are your favourite work out channels/videos? 


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