Weight Loss - How To Get Started


Over the last few months I've had emails, Instagram messages and Twitter messages asking how I began my weight loss journey. Due to so many people asking, I thought i'd dedicate a post to it, and hopefully answer some of those questions you may have about beginning your weight loss journey! I'm not an expert in this, nor am I finished on my journey by any means...but these are little things that have helped me along the way! 

Here's a link to my original weight loss post, in case you want to see how I used to look :)

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So where can you start? So many of you say you've joined a gym but just don't know what to do, or you're really busy and don't know how to find time to change your lifestyle. So i'd start by making small changes at first, set achievable goals and see what works for you. I'm also going to take this opportunity to say to not expect results immediately...progress takes time but it will be worth it in the long run! 


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I have always found myself more active when I have a gym membership. I like knowing there's somewhere I can go for the sole purpose of exercising, and can dedicate a certain part of my day to just that. When I first started, I tried to go for 60 minutes around 3 times a week. It was a push and took me a while to get used to machines and to just feel confident being there. Now, I go 5-6 times a week and love it more than I ever thought. Your confidence will grow the more you push yourself to go, and the more you learn whilst you're there. 

Getting started at the gym

If weight loss is your goal, I'd recommend hitting the cardio. It's the easiest thing to do at a gym and doesn't require any in-depth machine knowledge or confidence. Try the stepper, treadmill, bike or rowing machine for 30 minutes and get your body moving! Make sure to push yourself - if you're stepping at a level 3 incline on week 1, increase it to level 4 on week 2.

Weights are also incredible for fat loss which not everyone realises. But this doesn't mean you have to start picking up free weights or using any scary machines. Start small by using your own body to complete circuits - then as you get stronger, you'll feel more confident to pick up some dumbells and get lifting. 

Here's an example of a beginners weight-free circuit:
10x Press Ups
10x Sit Ups
10x Squats
10x Burpees

Repeat 3 times

Getting started without the gym

Whilst I love the gym, it's definitely not a necessity when trying to lose weight. YouTube, Results with Lucy and other exercise programs are easily accessible and are made to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Often, you don't even need any equipment! However if you want some dumbells or a yoga matt, I'd recommend TK Maxx for cheap, high quality equipment. I think everything I own is from there!

Video's are great because you can mix up your cardio and resistance training however you want, but sometimes it's also nice to hit the great outdoors! I used to go running for 10 minutes before work each morning. I'm not a great runner, and like a lie in, hence 10 minutes, but even that I found to be effective for my mind and body! It's all about what you can fit in to your daily schedule, so if 10 minutes a day is all you can achieve, then dedicate that time to getting active! 

And if running isn't your thing, speed walk, skip or cycle! As long as your getting your body moving, it doesn't matter what you do. 

I'm going to do a post next week on my favourite YouTube channels for keeping active at home, and often I do these on days I want to give the gym a rest, or to get inspiration for exercises I can do at the gym :) 


When I started losing weight, I found the easiest way to change my diet was through meal replacements. My original weight loss post has a review of Protein World, and i've also reviewed My Protein here.

I started on Protein World, and saw incredible results replacing lunch or dinner with a shake daily, combining that with exercise. I tried the vanilla flavour and absolutely loved it! However, a year down the line and I am a little bored, so have moved to blending the Chocolate Low Calorie Meal Replacement from MyProtein with their Peanut butter. It's rich, but it tastes like desert in a cup! I absolutely love that as my meal replacement now. 

I've also tried the Chocolate Silk Diet Meal Replacement from The Protein Works, which, for me, is the best chocolate tasting meal replacement out there. Its smooth and just tastes really gorgeous without blending anything with it. 

I know not everybody agrees with replacing meals, but this is what has worked for me and I definitely recommend it to help give you a real boost with your weight loss. Especially, if like me, you're not a dab hand in the kitchen. 


In my original post, I also reviewed Bootea which for me, was the biggest load of **** I've ever tried. If you take anything from this post, let it be that you have to do the hard work and not try products thinking they're going to do it for you. Diet tablets, teatoxing or anything like that, I'd just save your money and use it to buy healthy food, exercise equipment or a gym membership/fitness program. You can't cheat your way to losing weight, otherwise I guess we'd all be pretty skinny! 

Just remember, the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So adapt your lifestyle, start small...and good luck! :)

Stay tuned for my next post on my favourite fitness YouTube channels and videos!


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