The 2017 Diary That Every Girl Needs


Every year, I hunt for the perfect diary. Requirements? 
1. Aesthetically pleasing (of course)
2. Plenty of writing space
3. Colourful
4. Cute pages for notes e.t.c

I usually go with a Frankie Diary, which ticks all my boxes plus more! It's handbag sized, changes every year and is just generally beautiful inside and out. But a quick pop into Oliver Bonas a few weeks ago changed everything. I saw this beautiful, marble designed diary from, and whilst it may not be handbag sized (unless it's in my Mulberry), it is the perfect work/home diary. It has sticker pages, notes, month overviews and enough room to write in each day. Plus beautiful illustrations, random holidays (Mean Girls Day anyone?) and little compliments pop up every now and again. Plus, I opened it in the shop to find, at the bottom of one page, 'Late-Night Nachos'. It was made for me... 

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1 comment:

  1. This is really cute! I've just purchased the Beauty Diary from Feel Unique, but this looks just as lovely

    India-Robyn | Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger ❤